iProductions Audio IR-LABv1.08 x86/x64

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iProductions Audio IR-LAB v1.08 x86/x64
TEAM ASSiGN | 24 JULY 2011 | 65.6MB

Guitar Amp Modeling technology has gone through major advances in recent years. Nowadays, there are various software and hardware products that model Effects, Preamps, Poweramps and Speaker Cabinets with an increased level of realism and accuracy.

Early attempts to model Speaker Cabinets, one of the most significant elements in the signal chain, were based on algorithms that model the speaker behavior. Recent technologies are based on measuring the frequency response of various Speaker Cabinets and representing that in the form of Impulse Response (IR) files. The more advanced modelrs such as Fracral Audio-s AXE FX, support not only internal IRs (included with the product) but also accept external IRs.

External IRs can be obtained from different sources including user measurements or libraries provided by companies like RedWirez and OwnHammer.

IR libraries contain IR samples of various Speakers recorded with a large number of Microphones at different Positions and Distances. These libraries can reach thousands of IR files and this can be quite challenging to manage and choose from. This is where the IR-LAB comes into play.

The IR-LAB is a powerful standalone application for sorting, mixing and auditioning IR (Impulse Response) libs. It is composed of the following 3 main sections:

IR-Sorter: provides a flexible way of sorting the different vendors IR libs according to search criteria
IR-Mixer: mixes up to 10 IRs in real-time and enables creation of a new Mixed IR
IR-Player: a built-in Audio Player for auditioning IRs including the Mixed-IR (in real-time)