Someday I want gave up
Someday I wont
Someday I want be free
Someday I wont
One day I ask them a bout it
But no answer I got
Where should I live?
Where should I go ?
Should the life turn against me
Should the people chase me
I wanna be free
The 1 who I need is me
I wanna live today
I wanna forget yesterday
I wanna forget them all
I wanna be me
The one who survive to live
The one who work to give
I wanna forget yesterday
I wanna forget it its a history
I wanna live my life
I wanna keep it inside
I wont give u my heart
Cuz theres lots of things I wont do
Lots of stuffs too
Let me forget it
U wont me get it ?!
Let me forget the yesterday
Cuz it’s a history
Its not in my diary
Its not in my minde
I got one thing in my life
One rule I walk with it
Yesterday it’s a history
Tomorrow it’s a mistory
And today it’s a gift
So let me have this gift
And be one of that I left
Be a memory
The memory of yesterday