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المواضيع: Inuyasha The Movie 2

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    Inuyasha The Movie 2

    This movie aired in Japanese theaters in December 2002. It DOES fit into the series, right before the Inuyasha gang travelled Northeast to discover Naraku's whereabouts (after episode 95, but before episode 102). It stars Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kagura, Kanna, Kirara, and Kohaku. There are short &/or minor appearances by Kikyou, Sesshoumaru, Naraku, "Past" Houjou-kun, "Present" Houjou-kun, Kagome's friends (Eri, Arimi, Yuka), and Souta. The newest character, introduced as the movie's main bad guy, is a beautiful tennyo [heavenly maiden] by the name of Kaguya. She's not an angel, but she's not human--a race of beings that's rare and dangerous. (Think Ayashi no Ceres.)

    This movie is beautifully drawn, beautifully acted, and several scenes in it make the fangirl in me vibrate with joy. ^_~ Below is a screencapped, brief summary of the events in this movie, but please, try to see this movie for yourself--options for seeing the movie or buying the Japanese DVD of it are outlined in the FAQ. Please enjoy the images, but if I catch you direct linking, I'll eat you!
    The movie starts a few minutes before dawn--on the night that Inuyasha is human. So cute!
    However, they're pursuing Naraku, so Inuyasha cannot help until sunrise.
    The entire Yasha gang is there, chasing him around the area: Kagome, Miroku, Shippou, Sango, and Kirara.
    Naraku almost doesn't stand a chance. Everyone is dead serious, and nothing is interfering in the battle.
    Sango is definitely kicking some butt. She herds Naraku out of the forest that surrounds a small lake.
    The shack where Inuyasha is holing up is crushed by Naraku's giant spider form--but the sun rises just in time.
    After all the yelling I've done at the screen during the anime, they finally hit him in unision with everything they've got.
    Ding, Dong! The Monkey's dead! Naraku DIES! How do we know for sure? Miroku looks down, and his Kazaana has disappeared
    Many people react to the feel of his death--they seem to know that he's gone.
    (Sadly, this is the only time Sesshoumaru appears. But don't worry, movie #3 will have a lot of him.)
    Kohaku also reacts, and we get a sense that strange flashes of his life before Naraku keep showing up throughout this movie.
    Kagura and Kanna, of course, realize what has happened. So what do they do?

    Kanna can feel someone calling to her (I think), and since they've got nothing else to do, they decide to search out the voice. Meanwhile, the Yasha gang veg out, disbelieving that Naraku is finally dead. This is where we first meet a guy who at once looks really similar to both Nobunaga from early on in the series, and Houjou-kun from Kagome's time. He sees the girls bathing, and though Miroku gets the blame for peeking when he was just coming to see about this strange guy, the Past Houjou-kun gets away, confused by the antics of the Yasha gang. The Yasha gang split up for a bit. Kagome goes to school for at least a day, at which point Inuyasha comes out to get her, wandering with her little brother into the city to find her on her way home. She has to stuff him into a photo booth so that some middle school kids don't see him, where they continue arguing. Souta slides some money into the machine, and we're left with some pretty funny pictures.


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    Inuyasha The Movie 2

    The argument, caught on camera!
    Inuyasha must defend Kagome from the flashing thingie.
    He goes in for the kill...
    And gets sat.

    When they return to Inuyasha's time, she puts their pictures into a locket, giving it to him. He says he doesn't need it, but she insists, not knowing if he'll actually take the pendant. Suddenly smelling Naraku, Inuyasha runs after the scent. What ensues is a fight between Inuyasha, Kagura, Kanna, and Kaguya (who's fighting from inside the mirror). Kagura and Kanna had retrieved the mirror, and Kaguya's castle lies on the other side. The only way to get out of the mirror is to find five items that will break the seal. One of those items is a piece of Inuyasha's clothing, which they successfully take. Meanwhile, Miroku is visiting Mushin, and "asks" his racoon friend, Hachiemon, to join up with him. Sango finds Kohaku as well! He still doesn't quite remember her, but his memories are getting stronger, even though there's still a Shikon shard still embedded in his back. At one point, Kikyou comes upon a ravaged village, where a little girl clings to life, and to an odd cup (one of the five items), which she gives to Kikyou for safekeeping. Basically, over the next half-hour or so, Kagura and Kanna gather up the other four items. Two are found near a river, one is taken from Kohaku, and the last is simply given to them by Kikyou. It's good to note here that the Past Houjou-kun is carrying around a hagoromo--something that people of Kaguya's race treasure (it's an "angel's raiment," but it's form can be almost anything, it seems). It's also good to note that he's with Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippou. Lastly, it's good to note that before Kaguya shows up, Kagome tells Inuyasha that she prefers his hanyou form over his youkai form and human form.

    Kagura & Kanna, releasing Kaguya from the mirror. Then they go looking for the hagoromo. She gets Inuyasha trapped against a tree using her powers.
    When Kagome shoots an arrow at her to protect him, she catches it and returns it (her mirror is good at reflecting attacks).
    Seeing that the arrow will hit him, Kagome dives in front of him. "Past" Houjou-kun also throws something to block the arrow (the hagoromo).
    Inuyasha, seeing the sacrifice she has made, is shocked and upset--and pissed off at Kaguya.
    Kagome falls to the ground, and Inuyasha screams her name several times.
    Now with her hagoromo, Kaguya also takes Kagome with her--she's retreating back to her castle inside the mirror.

    Over the time that Inuyasha and Kagome have spent together, Miroku and Sango have also learned about Kaguya--they both go in search of this creature, and end up meeting each other at the same place. Kohaku is also there, and has this priceless confused look on his face. Tanuki and Kirara also watch the gushy way that Miroku reunites with Sango. Miroku cops a feel eventually, and gets smacked. Hehe. Together, the five of them find their way through a watery cave, and come out within Kaguya's world.

    Kaguya, just outside her castle, performs a spell using the five items. I believe that she has merged her world with the real one, bringing her large castle into reality, which has a large pentagram hovering over it that anyone can see if they looked up. This is how Inuyasha, plus Past Houjou-kun and Shippou, find their way to where Kagome must be. Inuyasha catches up to the rest of the gang quickly, sprinting across the water that separates the castle from the shore so fast that he practically hydroplanes half the way. Kagome wakes up within Kaguya's main room, sealed to three points of a pentagram. The arrow in her back disappears, along with her wound, and the fact that she's awake surprises Kaguya, who retrives the hagoromo that has fallen to the floor. Outside, Hachiemon has been hit hard enough to knock him out, and Inuyasha has to deal with a many-headed dragon (kind of like the 9-headed Hydra Lernaia from Greek myths). Eventually, Kikyou, of all people, comes to the shoreline and fires an arrow along with Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu, destroying the base of the monter. Then, as usual, she just walks off. But hey, at least she kicks ass. After such a big fight, the Yasha gang rests for a bit to bandage themselves up with Kagome's supplies. Also, Kaguya from inside, tosses her minions, Kagura and Kanna, into the lake outside using a pentagram spell from her mirror. Guess she's not loyal to anyone but herself.

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    Inuyasha The Movie 2

    Inuyasha, however, has gone ahead, too worried about Kagome to care about any wounds.
    Kaguya sees him coming, though, and launches a Time attack.
    However, the attack for some reason doesn't work on anyone except Past Houjou-kun and Hachiemon. Why?
    They're wearing items from the future! Kagome's bandages! (Inuyasha is wearing Kagome's locket.)

    Kaguya is surprised when her spell doesn't work on him, but she sees the pendant glowing from beneath his shirt, and Kagome mutters something to herself about "he said he didn't need it." But you know that she must be happy. ^_^ Before Inuyasha can do much, she kicks him back outside of the castle using a spell. There, he meets up with the rest of the gang (plus Kohaku), and they all re-enter Kaguya's world by temporarily breaking the barrier on the surface of the lake. They immediately run up to face Kaguya, and she and Inuyasha get into a sword fight. However, she gets his sword away from him fairly quickly, and though the rest of the gang tries to help, eventually they're all beaten off. Miroku's staff is broken in half and lands near Kagome, stuck into the floor. Kaguya turns her mirror upon Inuyasha, ready to perform a spell that will suck away his human side. It begins to work, and he begins to lose control--his eyes turn white, and the purple marks appear on his cheeks. You can tell he's trying to fight it, but he's failing. The Yasha gang tries to help, but they're all either knocked unconscious or pinned to surfaces of the room with solid vines created from her magic. Kagome tries to stop it by yelling, but it doesn't work, of course. She asks Shippou to get the Shikon shards from around her neck and throw them at the pentagram holding her down, and that does work.
    Running to Inuyasha, who's still fighting the spell, she grasps the front of his shirt, begging him to fight it.
    Nothing seems to be working, though, and his transformation only gets worse.
    She declares once again that the form she loves is his hanyou form, and her voice is finally starting to penetrate a bit.
    It's still not enough, because he digs his sharp nails into her arms, trying to get her away from him.

    So she does the last thing she can think of, and kisses him.

    And because this is a first, I'm going to paste as many screencaps of it as possible!
    It certainly makes Shippou blush, and he runs to hide in his embarrassment.
    The kiss breaks Inuyasha free of the spell!
    His hands let go of her arms, the nails shrinking back to normal size.
    And it cracks Kaguya's mirror.
    He even kisses her back, and a strange red glow fills the room.
    I'd say that's a pretty good first kiss, ne? ^_~
    The funny part in this sequence is that Sango is still pinned to a column.
    And Miroku is not.
    We all know what he's thinkin' of. ^_~
    And so does Sango. hehe

    However! Kaguya releases Sango so that she can deal with Inuyasha, and Miroku's plans are a bit spoiled, especially when Sango turns to comfort Kohaku. Strangely, though, Kohaku's back starts to hurt, and something horrible but amazing happens! Miroku looks down to see that his Kazaana is returning, and Naraku emerges from a scar that has appeared on Kohaku's back--a spider-shaped scar. He was hiding on Kohaku's back all along. Eww!!! The entire time, he has been wanting to fight Kaguya, hoping to absorb her, no doubt. He goes to do this, but she isn't going down easily, and it's obvious that she's probably going to win. The castle falls apart somewhat from the dueling powers, and once things die down, she's still standing, but Naraku is gone (not dead, just gone). They decide to fight her once again, and she and Inuyasha duel once more. She brings her cracked mirror back into play, trying to use it against them. She eventually uses her sword to shoot a giant ball of fire at them, and Inuyasha runs towards it, using his Baku Ryuu-ha attack to reverse it back upon her. However, her mirror, like I said before, is good at reflecting attacks, which would make for a GIANT return blow upon Inuyasha.

    It starts to backfire, and Inuyasha sends at the mass of energy his Kaze no Kizu, which is now EXTREMELY powerful since it's using the shouki from the attack coming at him. Kagome's purity arrow shoots through the giant ball of energy now headed back to Kaguya, breaking the mirror (the arrow is half of Miroku's broken shakujou, so it's doubly holy now). Kaguya, facing a giant Kaze no Kizu, is completely annihilated. YES!!! They're all about to leave since the castle is breaking apart, but the last remnants of Kaguya are still blocking the way (looks sorta like a badly computer-animated black cloud). It pulls Kagome away, leaving her on a rafter, and the one person who shows up behind her is Naraku! Inuyasha blasts an attack at him while Kagome ducks, and Miroku sucks the black cloud into his Kazaana. The last of Naraku (and Kohaku) disappears into the mirror near the front, which is the only way out of Kaguya's world. They leave as well, and things are as they were before. The gang is together, still seeking Naraku. And that's the end of the movie! (Yes, there's jokes near the end, but you'll have to wait for the fansub.)


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    مشكووووووووووره اختي وسلمت يداك على ما كتبت

    ريلينا بيسكرافت
    (سفيره السلام للعالم)
    تم حذف التوقيع لمخالفته قوانين المنتدى

    يرجى اختيار صور اكثر احتشاماً

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    بصرحه موضوعك حلو

    تسلمين عليه Noah ..........

    ثــاااااانكس يا احلى واغلى {{..ساكورا..}} عـ احلى اهداء ^.^

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    تسلمين على الموضوع الحلو يا noah

    and thanx alot...i really liked it


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    مشكووورة موضوعك ولا اروع gooood

    الله يعطيك الاعفية asian asian asian asian asian asian asian

    والى الامام دائما biggrin biggrin

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    اسفة كنت بقول العافية مو الاعافية cry cry cry

    غلطة مطبعية ermm

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    اذا مو حلو الفلم احكولي بليز؟؟

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    مشكورة اختي على التقرير

    مع انه كان رح يكون احلى لو بالعربي

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