1) Loneliness: it’s the feeling that most people feel .. people might want this feeling when they are sad .. they forget this feeling when they are happy .. and get it the most after getting brooked up from the love .. you recognize it after being sad that you wont want to talk to anyone or even thinking to change to be happy .. try to be away from this feeling and stay with the best people and friends and have fun while having time left in this life .. get the feeling and leave it because there is no harm to be alone for sometime and getting back to normal again ..

2) Happiness: the best feeling to keep our hearts beating and blood flooding and happy feeling runs in our body while being with the best friends and doing the fun stuff .. always try to be in this feeling even if life conditions don’t allow you to be .. be satisfied for the way you are .. for the shape of the feelings you have .. for the way you act in life .. and fell your heart with happiness but stay at the limit .. life is not always fair and happy moments are not always there .. so always try to look at the bright side of life .. happy moments are the best coming to think of it

3) Sadness: it’s the feeling that most people pass through it and not a lot get over it .. so it’s not weird to cry when feeling sad and suffering while getting through it .. the experiences you get through in life whether happy or sad everything has two sides bad and good .. get through the bad side and enjoy the good one .. it wont hurt you to be sad for a moment .. but the worst to be a sad person .. try to get over sadness and live life happy

4) Fear: not a bad feeling and not a good feeling .. the both created all .. and fear is a moving feeling inside a humans brain which makes him/her not in the right mood to choose the right choice in normal life .. so try to be calm and think of the things you are going to do and what are the consequences of the same action or speech .. and the most fear is Allah so don’t fail yourself in front of the most fears before its too late ..

5) Love: the best feeling in the universe when a person feels it in the right way with the right person to love .. just if you love someone a true love never leave him/her and never break his/her heart .. any person loves you right wont make you cry for a stupid thing or a big thing .. the right person is worth crying for .. but living with the wrong people and make you cry are not worth your tears .. explain love the way you experience it of loving someone .. and don’t let destiny break you apart even of life takes this love away .. hold your dreams .. don’t give up about love until its giving up with you ..

6) Surprising : the strong action that moves the body in the surprised way whether happy or sad and depending on the news or the way life takes you in order .. being surprised sometimes makes a person make the wrong decisions even if he/she is in the best mood and conscious .. try to be ready for everything and make plans for everything and every decision before even getting to your target in life .. “THINK THEN DO”

7) Planning For The Future And Ambitions : these are not feelings but they are plans for a good life in the future .. while living your live now and the money you spend .. the some fake feelings you had .. the lies you said .. the wrong things you did .. think of it and how to fix it before time begins to be against you and start to lose friends because of some big lies .. think of the suffering your parents get through everyday so they can make you live a happy life .. try to be the son/daughter they wanted you to be .. don’t fail yourself and them and always try to make them proud .. think of your future from now and the career you ambition to be in .. don’t laugh now and cry later .. just be ready to make yourself and make another new world in your life while leaving the young world with your parents .. try to imagine your future now and meet with it while growing up

Search you dreams and explore the true inside of you
Keep your dreams and grow them now while having the chance and don’t fail your dreams and think of the right dream to accomplish and don’t let the dream fail you
Stick with the people you love and love them more
Written By : Sniper_Strike