1. Write a program that count and print the number of letters frequencies in its inputs. Write two versions of the program with and without the use of string manipulation functions.
Sample Run:
How many words you have: 3
Now enter your words:
The input had 3 words, 23 letters with the following
letter frequencies:
A:1 B:0 C:0 D:1 E:2 F:0 G:0 H:0 I:3 J:0 K:1 L:0 M:0
N:2 O:0 P:0 Q:0 R:1 S:2 T:4 U:3 V:1 W:1 X:0 Y:1 Z:0

3. Write a program that ask user to input a string (array of characters). Then, count the occurrence of vowel characters and find the maximum and maximum character occurrence. User can input a sentence (more than one word).

4. Write a program that asks the user to input two strings. The program then displays the following menu:
1- Compare two strings.
2- Count upper case letters in each string.
3- Count lower case letters in each string.
4- Count number of spaces in each string.
5- Find position of a character in string 1 if it exists.
6- Exit
The program inputs the user selection and calls a function(s) to perform the task requested. Note that you should define your own functions without using of any of the built-in functions of C++.

و هذي هي البر امج و احتاج الفكرة الاساسية بها فقط و خاصة السؤال الثالث الذي لم استوعبه جيدا يرجى

المساعدة و له الاجر العظيم