مشاهدة نتيجة التصويت: Who's you favorite characters out of these?

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  • Uzumaki Naruto

    601 36.85%
  • Uchiha Sasuke

    288 17.66%
  • Haruno Sakura

    51 3.13%
  • Hatake Kakashi

    241 14.78%
  • The Third Hokage (Sarutobi

    17 1.04%
  • Jiraiya

    100 6.13%
  • Orochimaru

    77 4.72%
  • Hyuuga Hinata

    71 4.35%
  • Hyuuga Neiji

    73 4.48%
  • Rock Lee

    112 6.87%
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المواضيع: Naruto' s Characters

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    ابتسامه Naruto' s Characters

    Who here can say that She/he doesn't like Naruto to me Naruto is one of the greatest anime ever
    I'd like to give you some info
    [Glow]Uzumaki Naruto:[/Glow] a boy whose dream is to become The Hokage and be accepted by people,because of a tragic situation in the past the Nine Tail Demon Fox (Kyuubi) is sealed withing him he was resented by people but after he graduated as Genin and acquiring teamates Naruto's strength and maturity grown of course due to the experienced kakashi sensei. he also has a crush on Sakura chan Personally my number 1 character is Naruto he likes rames and so do I he's aloud just like me and he seeks acknowledgement as I do. Birthday : October 10

    [Glow]Uchiha Sasuke: [/Glow] he is one of the last surviving two of the Uchiha clan, he has a bloodline ability called Sharingan he seeks revenge against his brother Itachi because the later has destroyed and killed the whole clan, he's a very skillful and talented shinobi, he's also a Genin .As for me I really don't like Sasuke I think he's full of himself. Birthday: July 23

    [Glow]Haruno Sakura:[/Glow] a very intelligent shinobi she's a memeber of Kakashi's team along with Naruto and Sasuke all she cares about is winning the heart od Sasuke and her rival in love is Ino. I like Sakura if she would just not put all her heart and mind to Sasuke. Birthday: March 28

    [Glow]Hatake Kakashi:[/Glow] he's known as the copy ninja of the Hidden Leaf village has copied over 1000 different jutsu he is the sensei of team # 7 he was a former memeber of the ANBU forces I used to like him then he just focuses on Sasuke and forgets about Naruto.. Birthday: September 15

    [Glow]Third Hokage:[/Glow] his name is Sarutobi he was the strongest shinobi in history supposedly he was taught by the second Hokage. Sarutobi taught and trained the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade he has chosen a Fourth Hokage but the Fourth sacrificed his life to seal Kyuubi. Birthday: February 8

    [Glow]Jiraiya: [/Glow] One of the Legendary Sannin , he roams the world outside never stays in one place is skilled in a variety of jutsu, including the summoning of toads and frogs. He shares many similarities with Naruto like peeping at females. He then trains Naruto and they go together to find Tsunade, I love jiraiya he's funny and he cares about Naruto. Birthday: November 11

    [Glow]Orochimaru: [/Glow] One of the Legendary Sannin, he's a criminal who abandoned the Leaf Village and created his own village the Sound Village. All he cares about is learning more jutsus, he wants to never grow old and he found what he was looking for he learnt a jutsu that can transfer his soul from his body to another, he's a member of the criminal organization Akatsuki. He has his eyes fixed on Sasuke due to his bloodline ability Sharingan. I think he's really evil , he is one scary guy. This guy can summon snakes. Birthday: October 27

    [Glow]Hyuuga Hinata:[/Glow] she's a very shy girl and from the Hyuuga family which has an advanced bloodline called Byakugan, she likes Naruto and admires his determination but he doesn't know a thing. She is my top favorite female character in Naruto. Her cousin is Hyuuga Neiji. Birthday of Hinata: December 27 and Birthday of Neiji:July 3

    [Glow]Hyuuga Neiji:[/Glow] member of the branch, possesses bloodline ability Byakugan and he is a master of the Gentle Fist Fighting Style. He is forever branded with a seal on his forehead. I love the guy he's awesome I didn't like him when he fought Hinata he was mean

    [Glow]Rock Lee:[/Glow] he is a Taijutsu specialist, his aim is to prove that it is possible to become a great ninja without using Ninjutsu or Genjutsu because he is not really good at them. Gai is his sensei and his teammates are Neiji and he likes Sakura.
    I really really love lee he's hilarious Naruto calls him Thick Eyebrows and Melon Head. Birthday: November 27

    I want to continue but there are too many if anyone would like to know about someone in particular tell me and I will inshallah tell you what I know.

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    مشكورة اختي بس نسيتي شخصيتي المفضلة !!!!!! نسيتي تحطين اتاتشييييييييي اخو ساسكي frown اتاتشي شخصيتي المفضلة frown بس يلا ما عليه صوت حق اوتشيمارو لووووووول
    مشكورة اختي على الموضوع smile

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    مرحبا اختي,

    مشكووووووووورة على المعلومات الحلوة عن هذا الانمي المميز ناروتو..اما عن شخصيتي المفضلة هو طبعا كاكاشي!! cool

    ونحن في انتظار المزيد من مواضيعك المميزة!!

    خطيبة_فوزي, اوووه نسيتي اوريشيماروا؟؟ هذا احسن مجرم شفته واقوى عن ايتاشي!! وهو الحب الثاني عى مااعتقد بعد ايتاشي!! asian

    شكرا لكم جزيلا على الاهداءات الجميلةولكل من هنأني..واعذروني جميعاredface

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    There you go I like Itachi too in a villan kinda way wink

    [Glow]Uchiha Itachi[/Glow]
    He's what they call a Missing Nin, he is the older brother of Sasuke and also possesses the bloodline ability Sharingan but his is more advanced and powerful. A memeber of a criminal organization called Akatsuki, at the age of ten he was a Chuunin, by the age 13 he was a captain in ANBU forces. He tries to catch or abduct Naruto because Kyuubi is sealed inside him but Jiraiya doesn't give him a chance

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    [Glow]I LOVE THEM ALL .

    SWEET_NDOOSH glasses

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    أكييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييد ناروتو gooood

    ويسلموو على الموضوع gooood

    لاحق rambo

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    اشكرك جدا غلى المشاركه
    واشكرك على الموضوع

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    اشكرك على الموضوع الجميل فهذه ليسة مجامله بل اعجابي بهاذا
    الموضوع ارجو ان تستمر الى الامام واشكرك

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    مشكوووووووووووووورة Miyaka Yuki على موضوعك الكيوت gooood gooood

    بالنسبة لي افضل ساكوا gooood gooood gooood

    [Glow]mamoko الدلوعه[/Glow]
    اخر تعديل كان بواسطة » mamoko في يوم » 18-12-2004 عند الساعة » 15:18

    LoVe FashiOn

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    i like both hinata and sasuke

    they are COOL
    my dream is to fly away behind hills & clouds
    to be far from all the noise in this world
    to forgot all the painful time that I go through
    to cure my soul from all hate & sadness
    to become again a free Butterfly

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    مشكورة على الموضوع الحلو

    وليش ما حطيتي معلوماتي عن شوجي اللي مات في الحلقة 114 ... صراحة زعلت عليه >< ابي اعرف عنه معلومات


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    [Glow]Akimichi Choji[/Glow]
    He is from the Akimichi clan who have a special ability
    that body enlargement jutsu, he's also a Genin. All he thinks about eaing and resting and food is his only motivation to fight, he
    doesn't like being called fat or something like it. He's a memebr of Asuma's team and his teammates are Shikamaru and Ino.
    Bithday: 1st of may


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    تم تعديــــــل الرد من قبل المراقــــب......
    اخر تعديل كان بواسطة » candies white في يوم » 26-12-2004 عند الساعة » 19:01

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    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ^___________^

    حبيت أشارك في الموضوع ^__^

    بكل بساطة و من دون تفكير يزداد عن ثانيتين ......

    اختاااااااااااااار Orochimaru !!!!!!!!!

    مثل ما يقولون هو الحصان بين مجموعة الحمير biggrin (أتمصخر)

    بس يعيبني صوته و عيبني لما يصيح على الهوكاجي ..... و فوق هذا شكله زين (ثيابه مب وايد) .......^__^

    المهم أختاره ^_^


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    صدقت صوته عجيب والصراحه من اخطر الشخصيات الشريره cool
    لا ومن قلب ماعنده قلب eek biggrin
    واشكركم على الردود الكاواي asian

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