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    Cold Lucid Dreams----Non Drama Story

    Cold Lucid Dreams

    Genre: SciFi-|Mystery


    Is it really called that?
    A Prologue?
    Well, I searched for another word to uselike for example an Introductionor a Preface
    But anyway, I just wanted to use a word that expresses my need for a page or two in which I should introduce myself to whoever reads this
    So use the same dull routine? No
    Mohamed; Eighteen years old; Cairo, Egypt
    Two sweet siblings, Bro and Sis, who happen to be twins and happen to be 4 years younger
    Simple University student, 2nd yearnot much friends there but a good number from the good olschool days
    No girlfriends so farI am serious with it by the way; meaning girlfriend to fiance to wife; so dont miss understand
    Only because you should know it, I once had a girlfriend called SalmaI was too young when it happened and I suspect I only spent a week or two with her before she left without saying good bye
    For some reason, and I suspect it was out of despair, I spent some time recently looking for herbut for sure it was more like looking for a needle in a haystack
    Or should I say even more than that?
    Away from all that
    I am about to write about the strangest day ever
    Starting from a plane engine crashing in front of me, to a deep confusion, to hellish battles from a virtual world to the fields of reality, to the most unexpected incidents
    I guess that's too much for a normal daybut who knows the chances
    Yet the question that I pose remains after such rough day
    Was it a dream? Was it reality?
    I know one thing: it was too real to be dreamtoo strange to be real
    So? No answer?
    Need to know more, eh?
    Let's begin...



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    Chapter One: The Meteor

    Chapter One: The Meteor

    ColdGrey and white sky with clouds all overStreams of wind all around, flowing like thousands of arrows that penetrate your skin. Cold that sucks the energy of body, mind and soul out, leaving it almost lifelessDarkness, with thin rays of light penetrating the clouds and mist hardly saving the spirit of the morning on what can be only described as a dying day
    No sun, no moon, no stars; only that fade light that comes from heavens with no clear source, like an unexplained bliss from God in order to keep us alive
    I walk through the heavy wind not knowing where to go, just seeking any source of heat for my hungry spirit and freezing body. My both hands embracing each other, and put over my mouth in order to find warmth from my quick breaths, rushed by my rapid heart that tries to do a good job keeping me alive. I walk in an empty road. No people, no cars, no animals, nothing. I am alone out in the cold while all the people are staying at their homes getting as much warmth as they can get
    Why am I here? Why dont I go home? Go home? But where is home? I cant find myself; I cant find my way home. But I dont care; I just need heat and warmth for myself. Had I found that, I shall seek home. I go on and on, not knowing where I am, not caring what road I take. My frozen spirit just takes me through the lands of darkness till I find what I need
    I walk in a street that I dont know, and I go on till I reach its end, where I find across roads. I look at the signs, the left one says: The Musket Avenue, the right one says: The Burning Torch Way
    Burning Torch and Musket?
    What kind of names are these?
    With the wind blinding my eye and paralyzing my thoughts, I see my spirit guides me through the left road. I go on again, continuing my journey, in quest of heat
    As I walk through the streets I start to hear something in the sky. At the beginning I dont get the Idea of moving my frozen neck up to see whats going on, much pain over a plane or a rocket or a big truck driving on some highway I cant see
    I dont care
    The sound then starts to grow louder, like thousands of lions roaring with rage
    Damn it I say in surrender. I give up the weakness in my body and start looking towards the sky to feed my curiosity; and as I do this I start to see something glowing in the sky that penetrated the clouds and coming down from heaven. As the sound goes louder and louder, I start to tremble out fear more than I used out of cold. I look more clearly to see a black trail of smoke behind this burning body racing towards me
    My hearts beat starts to jump, giving all its effort to my fear and amazement, leaving zero power to my body to move a muscle; the cold did the rest of the job and froze me in my place like a hundred year old tree
    The sound gets insanely high, that my heart almost rocketed out of my rib cage, setting my soul free. Suddenly that meteor strikes just in front of me blowing me away from my place; leaving a burnt hole in the ground, and living me on the ground. I quickly recover from the shock and rise up to see what happened. That thing from the sky left a big dark hole in the ground and a lot of smoke is coming out. It is also very, very hot. It emitted a lot of heat even with a distance from it.
    Thank God! Heat!
    I approach the hole slowly and as I come near it I feel the reviving waves of heat on my skin. My features starts to rest and my body start to gives a violent tremble then slowly starts to calm down. Oh! The bliss of heat! The beautiful feeling of warmth! The lovely and compassionate touch of nature towards a poor human being in the middle of such a harsh and cold hearted freezing Storm; how marvelous! How beautiful! I sit on my knees in front of this hole, taking from it as much as my can body can take, like a person lost in the desert for so long and finally found the water.
    Just in the Middle of my joy, while I was having one of the best moments of my entire life, something happens that surprises me
    A very loud, high-pitched female scream comes out of now where almost bursts my ear drums and scares the hell out of me
    I quickly jump up and look around, my heart starting to race again, consuming what it had of energy. I look around to realize something
    What the hell is wrong with that car?
    Why is it upside down?
    As I run towards it, I see another parked car, with its half glued to the one in front of it, while its second half is hanging in the mid air. As I reach the upside down car I see more and more strange things
    Upper halves of buildings hanging in the mid air
    Other building with its half broken and the upper half is resting with its two corners on the two corners of the lower part
    A part of the street is going inside another building; the rest of the road is sinking into the groundwater flowing over my headWhat the hell is going on?
    My world shows flaws?
    Everything is wrong; logic errors are all over my world
    My world is flawed? What does this mean?

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    and as I get away from the car slowly, I witness my world starts collapsing, going into pieces, falling apart
    I look around to see that not only the buildings and the street lights are falling
    The ground it self is crushingevery thing is being destroyedjust falling apart
    Now, the ground is trembling underneath me, and falling. I look to see that I am trapped on an Island in the middle of nothing, space, emptiness
    The scream goes out again...theyre driving me crazy!
    While I am in this terrible situation, I look down at the ground of my Island, to see that some sort of a woman is hanging from that island, holding the ground with her hands in order not to fall
    Since everything is Illogical enough for me to go out of my mind, I decide to think about the situation but the woman
    The woman just keeps on asking for help saying: I am a burning soul, help me! You are my only chance! Save me please!
    I look to her and I come out with one sane Idea. Go to hell I am not a savior! Then she screams me out of my mind till I


    I, IIam
    I woke up, facing ceiling, looking to the emptiness. What a dream. So odd; I cant even remember most of it
    Uh, I stretched and turned over to face my desk, I stretched my arm and grabbed the mobile phone on the desk and I looked at the watch. 1 p.m. on the 26th January. How did I quickly guess the date? I saw it in the mobile. I dont know I cant guess what my next move is. Ok, lets improvise.
    I rose from bed and waked to the door. I went to the bath room, had a quick shower, shaved, then I got to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Ah, by the way, since you joined me will I remember having breakfast, lets have some breakfast chat. It was mid year holiday. My father, mother and sister left off to Alexandria to spend a week of relaxation there. My brother went to Sharm with some of his friends in order to spend some of his unforgettable days there, his first trip with his friends. Oh, the smell of coffee is great! Such an aroma! Sorry for this interruption, back to our story, at that time I had to stay in Cairo as I was waiting for my own trip to Spain which was arranged by the University 2 days later.
    I got the coffee, sat in the living room and started drinking while I was watching TV, watching a movie I just saw yesterday. The telephone rang; fortunately it was located on a table next to the chair. I picked up and said: Hello?
    I heard that familiar voice on the other side saying: Hi Mohamed, how are you?
    So I answered: Hi mom, fine, you?
    She replied: Good, I am fine, were fine so I said: Good
    Mom was not managing to leave me alone no matter what; but due to circumstances she was urged to leave me stay at home for almost 3 days alone. She could hardly do it, but what other thing could she do? Every day she called me 3 times a day to make sure that everything is ok, that I was able to make the miracle of feeding myself through breakfast or dinner. She also asked me this rather strange question:
    So, you are sitting alone, huh?
    I always hated this question just stupidI answer her tediously: Yeah, can you believe that? I am! Nobody else here in the apartment, so technically yes, I am
    Then she answers me in frustration: Really? Hmmyou told me when youre traveling to France? Or is it Italy?
    Come on mom, stop pretending, I think, then answer: Spain mom! Its Spain. I told you 10 times before I am traveling the day after tomorrow, 28th of January! So she makes herself as if she just recalled it: Ah yes, Spain. Arent you afraid of the plane or something?
    Oh for crying out loud! Mom! I say in a louder tone What are you saying?! So she replies quickly: Ok, ok then she says in a worried tone: Are you sure you can take care of yourself there?
    So I reply confidently: Yes mom, I can, I did it before, and Ill do it again
    Mom then says in a similar worried tone: Yes but this time its out of the country So I said calming her down: Dont worry mom, some of my colleagues in college did, and they are not super men
    She paused for a while then said: Ok, I am just worried about you So I said: Dont worry, I can handle itjust trust me
    She had to trust me, otherwise whats the point? If she simply doesnt trust me, then she has to deal with the fact that I took a decision and I am in a time now that doesnt tolerate any hesitation. I had already paid 4500 pounds for this trip, 10 days in Spain, 10 days in heaven. I finally got the chance to see Andalucía, the former Muslim state in Europe, The one that witnessed great development of art from poetry to architecture with all of natures beauty it had. Anyway, I had the usual argument with mom, and eventually I finished and got back to the movie.
    The Movie finished at 1:28 pm or something, I cant really remember. I switched the channel till found a channel that had a program about the people spending their holiday in Sharm, the post new year holiday, another one of these stupid programs that are made for advertisements and sponsors

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    Chapter One: The Meteor

    The program just starts with stupid announcers telling you how it is just HOT in Sharm, and that people are having fun, and that DJs are nonstop and that heaven is reality here and that you must experience this and that what the hell are you doing sitting on you dull chairs, come on, join the fun even if you have to jump through the TVbla bla bla Then the stupid announcers make interviews with some muscled guys with bathing suits and hot chicks with bikinis and ask them that really dumb question How is Sharm? how is Sharm? How is Sharm!! What do you think genius, it is people having fun and DJs are nonstop and heavenetc isnt that what you just said?
    Wait a minute, why the hell am I watching this? Ill switch the damn channel! Just as I was going with my finger on the switching button, I saw something that pinned me in my chair; something that made me so surprised that I my mouth dropped open. The next guy who was being interviewed was someone very familiar, familiar to the extent that I didnt take much time to make out his features but much to believe it
    My Brother!
    It was my own brother! He was with his friends in front of the stupid announcer. I couldnt believe what I was seeing that I pinched myself. I saw something else that really pissed me off; he was not being only interviewed while he was among his friends but also among this bunch of chicks in bikinis, nearly their age I see. I couldnt believe him; I didnt get to that not just when I was his age, when I was 4 years older!
    He talked to the guy and said that Sharm is so people having fun and DJs are nonstop and heavenetc and that he was having a good time. Yeah, thats obvious, with all this chicks only an out of his mind can say other wise. I waved him good bye through TV and hoped him even better time.
    Wow, thats really strange; I mean you dont see your brother in TV everyday, or in Sharm on TV every day, or with chicks in Sharm on TV everyday! You may see your younger brother with 5 hot girls like I saw in TV, but not mine, not my brother. What makes it rather surprising that both happened at the same time - I mean TV and chicks- Anyway, I closed the TV; I went to my room to do whatever comes to my mind next As I was walking past the window in my room, I started to hear a loud voice coming from a long distance.
    A plane
    Thats what I thought at the beginning, I thought it was just a plane (I live near the Cairo International Airport, you know) I ignored it and went on to my laptop on the desk
    The sound got louder, it is some how unusually loud

    At the beginning I dont get the Idea of moving my frozen neck up to see whats going on, much pain over a plane or a rocket or a big truck driving on some highway I cant see, I dont care


    I continued to ignore it, just proceeding to my desk. The sound got awfully loud. It got high enough to distract me, my heart starts beating; this sound is just too high!


    I give up the weakness in my body and start looking towards the sky to feed my curiosity


    I looked towards the window as I sat on the chair. The sound got higher and higher. I got curious enough to look through the window to see whats happening
    Oh my merciful God!
    Can this be?
    I stood in amazement and stared at thisthisunbelievable scene
    What scene you ask?
    Well, as I looked through I found a very huge airplane flying on a very low altitude, almost touching the buildings
    It was moments away from my building, and it was flying fastHell fast!
    As it broke through air, it made a sound that was so high, that the glass in the window started to vibrate and was about to shatter. I looked to the windows in horror to make this observation then back to the plane that was obviously trying to elevate
    When I concentrated on its image, I could see a trail of black smoke coming out of both of its engines on the right wing
    Its engines were on fire, I thoughtthats not a good thing
    Suddenly, and as it almost reached my building, it made a low bang then seemed as if it gained huge powerand as it did that it directed it self upwards sharply in order to elevate and gain altitude, then it hide over my building
    I ran across the apartment to the main balcony on the other side in order to see whats going to happen next. As I reached the balcony, I threw my self on the balconys door, opening it and letting my self in. I looked up and saw that the plane has gained more altitude than before, I looked down to see a lot of people in the street and in the balconies of other buildings sharing me the amazement and horror
    I looked back to the plane to see that its engines are smoking heavily and setting fire There was something seriously wrong with this plane, seemed as if its engines are about to explode
    I didnt feel my speeding heart beat out of surprise; I froze out of fear of the coming moments, as if time just stopped at this event. I was having one thought about these broken engines, they are not going to let me down when I said that they are about to explodeare they?...

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    Chapter One: The Meteor

    I jumped back out of fear when I saw and heard the most terrifying scene happen just in front of me
    Damn! The engines just exploded sending heavy shock waves out in the air, to the extent that some window glass exploded with it and shaking the ground
    I heard screams from the street, people screaming, others just amazed at this scene. The Airplane was dropping altitude gradually as I saw, but not sharply and it looked like the explosion gave it a strong thrust forward, but it made it go out of its course as the thrust was from its left wing only, which amazingly didnt blast out of the explosion As my eye moved spontaneously from the Airplane, something strange going on near the plane caught my eye that distracted me from the plane. Something is fallingmore than one thing actually and they were moving fast like meteors. In the next moment, I realized that these must be parts of the exploded engine, debris, as they glowed in fire racing towards the earth
    But the next moment passes
    God! This is going to make such damage and maybe casualties I think to myself Another moment
    I hear a sound of something breaking through the air, something racing with all it got of power
    I looked up and wandered: What is that thing falling towards me?
    Moments passand I gaze at this garbage can seized speeding bullet towards me
    I start to feel the necessity of me leaving this place right now. My heart was pumping blood as fast as a rocket; and with each beat I feel like I am frozen from head to toe
    God! This is going to make such damage and maybe casualties
    A garbage can seized bullet
    Its about 10 meters away
    My brain overloaded and blasted out all its electricity to my heart and muscles to make me execute this critical order.
    9, 8, 7, 6
    Suddenly life dipped into me very intensely that I jumped out of the balcony into the apartment and got down on the ground with my face towards the floor and my hands over my head (Wow, these movies do teach us useful stuff!)
    3, 2, 1


    Suddenly that meteor strikes just in front of me blowing me away from my place.


    At this exact moment I heard that terrifying, extremely loud explosion in the balcony that blew away the doors glass and pushed the aluminum door out of its frame and pushed it down to the ground, just next to me
    I got up slowly realizing that I was saved by a miracle. I stood up slowly, and looked back towards the balcony and
    Where is the balcony?
    I saw intense smoke coming out of the place of the balcony. The next seconds I realized that there was a big hole in the balcony. The hole also was so hot; it emitted a lot of heat into the apartment, along with the smoke. The boundaries of the hole where lit with fire. I ran towards the kitchen and I got a cooking pan and filled it with water and ran back to the hole and spilled the water on it, but the water vanished in minutes, leaving behind vapor rising to the air; maybe the fire wasnt very big, but the heat was supreme!
    I threw the pan, ran back to the bath room and filled a bucket. I carried the heavy container again to the hole and spilled it again to extinguish the fire. The fire was immediately put out, and a lot of vapor sprayed into the air out of the hole. I approached the balcony door slowly, and to take a good look at the hole
    Well, it was a hole, black burnt boundaries, very hot, parts of the balconys floor scattered around the hole, the smell of smoke, carrying heavy black carbon in the air almost choking me.
    Damn! The Balcony is nearly all eaten up. I coughed heavily as I approached the hole and looked up towards the sky, where the plane vanished, most probably on its way to its final destination not so far from here, making even bigger hole in the ground
    I looked towards the street, to find a lot of people gazing at the balcony (the former balcony) and pointing at it. I got mad at what I saw, what?! The balcony is blasted, you like the scene? As I continued looking I saw that I was not the only one to be angry; there were at least two cars that got hit by similar debris from the plane. The cars where very blasted! I saw a car that was almost broken in half by that giant piece hot debris sinking in its roof; no need to say that the car also exploded out of heat. I saw people hurrying from my building to extinguish the car. God, what a mess!
    I looked around in the street again, but I found nobody hurt thank god; as far as I knew later nobody was hurt from the accident. I finally looked through the hole to see how the people on the lower floor were doing. Well, I saw a guy down there wearing a soaked shirt and a pair of jeans who seemed to be really pissed off. His clothes were all wet from above, his shirt, his hair, as if someone spilled water on him from abo? The hole?the water?the guy on the lower fl Oopss!
    Where is the balcony?!



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    End Of Chapter One

    By the way...

    Lucid Dream is the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer (lucid from Latin, lux "light") experience and sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream, a realistic world that is completely in the control of the dreamer.[1] The complete experience from start to finish is called a lucid dream. Stephen LaBerge, a popular author and experimenter on the subject, has defined it as "dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming."


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    You should have noticed the erros of Punctuation in the text.
    In other words, the question marks and the dots being before the begining of the sentence like:
    "Is it really called that?"

    and most probably this comment itself is a good example ...

    in order to over come this problem, please set the encoding of the page into left to right from:

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    That should do the trick...and the reason why it is always messed up is that the forum's default encoding is right to left for easier writing of Arabic...

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    Chapter 2:Phone Calls...

    Chapter Two: Phone Calls

    Ok then, bye I hanged up and looked back to the damage balcony from the living room. Actually after the intense smoke had stopped, I realized that the hole was not as big as I imagined. It was big alright, it was formed of a grove in the floor about 1meter squared with a through hole inside it of about 75 centimeters squared, enough to let through a soccer ball. It didnt really take a large area of the balcony; it didnt eat it all up. The black area around the hole made me thing that the hole was that large at the beginning. But still the floor of the balcony around that hole was damagedthe door also was not damaged, it only got off track, but it was fixablebut of course the glass sheets in the door blasted
    I looked to my clock on the wall over the TV; it was 3:48 pm. In the past 3 hours I had phoned my dads assistant at work in order to get new glass sheets for the balconys aluminum door instead of the ones blasted by the explosion. I also had cleaned the place out of the glass and rubble from the balcony.
    The thing that hit the balcony lied at the balcony on the lower floor, where there was that guy that I poured the water on, but whats my fault? I was only trying to put the fire out.
    Oh, I almost forgot! The airplane! The airplane made it to the airport, but unfortunately it crashed into the run way. I heard there were a lot of victims and even more injuries. I thanked God each time I remembered that I survived that thing from the plane that was about to hit mewow!
    I turned to the phone and called a friend to come over. I knew he would refuse to go out as usual, but maybe when I ask him where is the balcony he would come over and help me to find it. Just as I was picking up the phone, it rang. I raised it to my head and said: Hello?
    Hey Mohamed, how are you?
    Ahmed? I was just about to call you buddy, how are you doing?
    Im great, what about you?
    Well, I am fine, I think
    Did you know about the plane?
    You mean the plane that crashed in the airport? I saw it, not just heard about it
    Really? I guessed that you did
    Yeah I did, she also gave me a souvenir
    (He laughed)
    Are you laughing? You think I am joking?
    (He laughed again then said)
    Why are you serious? What did she give you?
    I dont know, all I know that it was so hot!
    Wow! Then good that it came to you hot and fresh (laughs)
    You still! Ok did you know that it exploded in mid air before it crashed?
    Yeah I heard about that
    Well, it exploded over my building, and a part of its blasted engine crashed into my balcony
    (Laughs even harder)
    Why the hell are you laughing?!
    Stop kidding, Mohamed
    I swear a part crashed into my balcony, it made a hole too!
    Yeah, yeah
    Ok, ok. Forget about the plane, I am about to ask you something that you are going to refuse
    Ok, I agree
    Agree about what?
    I can go out today
    ? No, youre kidding right?
    No I am not, I am serious
    Are you sure? Are you feeling ok today?
    Yes I am feeling ok today and stop asking these stupid questions
    Ok, well, lets raise the challenge; can you come to my home now? I really need your help with something
    ! Its almost 4 oclock, isnt that a bit early?
    I know, but its ok
    ? Are you sure you are
    Stop talking or I swear Ill change my mind
    Ok, ok. I am waiting for you at home, dont be late
    Ill be there in half an hour
    Half an hour? Ok, nothing made sense from the beginning of the day anyway
    Nothing, nothinggo get dressed and I am waiting
    Ok, bye
    I hanged up not believing, whats wrong today? Ahmed just agreed even before I asked him? Something is not right today. Anyway, whats the problem? Im loving it and thats all I need.
    I went to my bed room to get dressed. As I stepped into the bedroom my mobile phone on the desk rang. I went to see who it was. I looked and found that it was a number I didnt know. I answered and said (This is getting really boring):
    Hi A female sound struck my ear with its cuteness, wow! I havent felt that for quite a while
    Y-yes? Who is it?
    Is this Mohamed?
    Yes this is Mohamed I smiled and jumped out of joy! That wasnt a wrong number!!!
    Hi, I am Salma, do you remember me?
    !?..?..!..??..!..What?...What? Oh, I mean WHAT?
    If what I am thinking of is true.!
    Salma?? Can you refresh my memory?
    I am with you in the MUN, we met the last session?
    MUN? I didnt attend the one last week
    The one last week? I didnt attend that
    (A short pause)
    How is that? You were sitting next to me and I borrowed your parker pen, the gold headed one?
    Parker pen? What Parker pen?
    Ive never bought a parker pen in my whole life
    (paused) Im sorry what did you say?
    Is this what they call a second chance or take two?
    um, I said I have two of these pens and I lent them both to two different girls
    Second chance indeed!
    (She laughs) No really, I sent you a message telling you I am going to call you on Wednesday to drop by your place and give you the pen
    I danced in my place, I made her laugh! And she is coming to give me the pen!!

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    Chapter 2: Phone Calls...

    Ok, w-when would you like to come?
    Well, how about 6?
    Cool! Do you know my address?
    No, I was calling to know it
    I gave her my addressthe completed saying:
    by the way I am 7th floor right
    7th floor right?
    For the intercome!
    Oh! Ok
    Ok, see you
    Wow! Can this be? YES! I got some girl who I dont know to come by my place and give some pen I never heard about! But who says I dont know her? She might beshe might be the actual girl, who I lent a pen the session before that last one; though I recall that, the pen was a Reynolds pen for half a pound, not a parker and certainly not gold headed. Thats odd, but what wasnt odd that day anyway.
    By the time it was 4:37 pm I was all dressed up and ready. I waited for my friend to come, and who was already almost 10 minutes late. By that time I was sinking in my thoughts about the plane, about the girl, about todays weird events, and finally about a girl who I loved many years ago sharing the same name with the girl I am going to me in about an hour and a half or so; and I started having this really stupid ideas that the girl I am about to meet is her, and that fate has brought as together, and that I am destined to see her again, and that me remembering her suddenly last summers holiday and searching for her was a signI hate it when I think like that!!
    Ten minutes later my friend came by. I let him in and showed him the balcony right away. He was stunned; he didnt believe that I was serious at the beginning
    I showed him the hole that was inside. He asked me what I am going to do about it, I told him that when my dad comes back he will reconstruct it, thats all, and its not going to be very hard to do
    I then asked him to try putting back the door on its track. It was really difficult to do, but we did it at last. I still cant get how it isnt broken; Ahmed too thought it was strange Then after we finished the job we went to my bedroom to show him some stuff on my computer. I also wanted to show him Evanescences new CD, the one I didnt by during the last semester in the University. Just as I stepped into the room, my telephone rang again. I wished that it would be that girl again, but it was another number! Maybe thats the other girl that I lent my other parker pen, who knows? I answered and said (This is really, really boring):
    Yes, Mohamed Allam? A serious voice of a girl sneaked into my ear
    (In a bored tone) Yes, thats him, who is it again?
    I am Dina Mahmoud from AW Club
    Yes, what is it AW Club?
    I am calling to inform you that trip for Spain is going to be postponed due to the airplane crashed today, did you hear about it?
    Yeah, I seen, heard and felt
    (laugh) ok, we will SMS you as soon as possible with the new time of the trip
    (She thinks I was kidding, she thinks I was kidding!)
    Ok, thanks a lot
    Ok, bye
    I hanged up and I told Ahmed, sitting by the computer about what happened, and then told him about that girl that I forgot to tell him about as we were distracted by the hole in the balcony and fixing the door.
    And she is coming at 6? he said, so I answered confidentially and rather happily: Yes, at 6 can you believe that? Just like magic!
    He then said to me: And what will you do when she finds out that it isnt you? I said simply: Well, she is still a colleague in the MUN, just a mistake, what is the worst thing that can happen? he answered mocking me: She will punch you in the face and go, and she will never look to your face as long as you see her in the MUN
    So I said coldly: Why? I thought she was someone else too, is that a problem?
    We continued to argue as usual till it struck 5:10 pm. We order some pizza to eat at home, and also the glass sheets men came and fixed the glass sheet in the door. 20 minutes later, the door bell rang, and I found that it was the Pizza dudeWow, I thought, that was really fast!
    I paid the guy, closed the door and headed to the bedroom. We sat in front of the TV. We ate and chatted while watching a movie. After it was finished I switched the channel. While I was switching through the channels I passed by Al Jazeera and stopped to see what they are showing. I found that they were talking about the plane that crashed. They said that only ten people survived this crash; they also said that there were about 310 persons on this plane
    Wow! I said, and then I looked to Ahmed and said Can you believe that? 310 persons on the plane, and 10 people survived Ahmed replied: Well, thats too many so I said: I know, such an accident leaves no one alive
    I looked again to the TV, they brought one of the survivors who said: Well, when we all came crashing down, um, I though I was the only one who was going toum survive
    These words seem familiar
    Some of the people errcommitted suicide, um, before we crashed, after the explosion. I think they just wanted to find a back door out of live
    A back door out of live? Where did I hear that before?

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    Chapter 2: Phone Calls...

    While I was deeply thinking, I found Ahmed taking me out of my thoughts pool saying:
    What time is it now? I suddenly recovered from my thoughts saying: Huh? What?
    What time is it? He repeated. I looked in to my mobile phone and said: Oh hell! It is 6!
    Just as I was thinking about it I heard the intercom ringing, I looked to Ahmed who exchanged me a look. I jumped off the chair and towards the intercom and answered (this is new!):
    Yes Mohamed, its me
    Im coming right over, stay where you are!
    I ran towards the bathroom, quickly washed my mouth, put on some perfume, and shouted at the door of the apartment: Ahmed! Watch us from the balcony! Then he shouted back: What balcony? So I remembered and laughed then said: Oh, ok there is a window in front of the dining room Then I got out and slammed the door behind me.



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    Chapter Three: Diamonds or glass?

    Chapter Three: Diamonds or glass?

    And as I walk through the dark street, amidst the storm, and cold, I see that old woman sitting beside a gate of a building, she doesnt look as if she can stand the cold and the wind, the darkness and loneliness, yet she is
    She had a small figure and she looked weak. When I see her, I think she will never be able to prevent death sneaking through the storm, hiding in the cold to get in. Trying to save her I approached her and ask her:
    Old woman, what are you doing out in the cold
    So she smiles and says: Why dont you ask yourself the same question?
    I ignore her question and say: I have a heat source not far from here, its a meteor that just struck a while ago she laughs and looks at me and says: Has it done that already? Well thats something that you wont forget
    I dont understand any of what she says so I continue saying: Yeah, are you coming or not, before the meteor cools down? she replies with a smile: If you find a diamond for the first time in your life, you will be fooled by its brightness and beauty, before you find out that its only a piece of glass
    I dont get any of what she is saying, so I say: You like it this way? Out on your on, cold and alone? Is that you wanted?
    She laughs and says: No young man, the true warmth is what you find inside, not outsideIf you take the meteor it will not last forever, is that what you want? Impatiently I ask that woman: What is your point, old woman?
    She says: Leave the meteor, young man, and go dig the mountain until you find the diamond. Only a true diamond gives warmth for your soul, only a true diamond gives power for your essence, and only then you wont need a meteor from the sky I look to her for some moments, before I leave her to her fate and go see what happened to my meteor.
    When I reach the meteor I find that it went cold, on my journey for finding anybody else to share me the joy. I should have been more selfish I think
    What now? Back to my old journey inquest of heat I assume. As I walk away from the meteor I step on a rigid thing. I look on what I stepped on, to find something that is shiny. I then get down and pick it up, I find that it is white transparent crystal that contains a lot of breaks inside, dispersing light in a beautiful way. I wonder if that is diamondscant it be?
    I look thoroughly to it, but I find it looks so beautiful and so attractive that makes me strongly believe that it can be nothing other than a pure diamond. I look at it for a while with a smile then I put in my pocket and walk away


    Taking the elevator, I arrived at the ground floor. I opened the door heading to the entrance of the building that was facing the elevators door. Still not believing I am going to do this, I walked, and I exited the building looking for her.
    I looked for her for minutes till my eyes caught someone standing to the right my right standing in the dark, while a fade light gave me a view that was good enough; A short girl, white skin, blonde hairwearing grey jeans and black long sleeve T-shirt.
    I saw her from her side, as I came closer to her I was more able to see her features clearly; as I saw her clearly, she seemed more and more familiar
    I stood 1 m meter away from her and said gently: Hi
    So she turned to me, looked to me and frowned as she didnt recognize me and said: Yes? Luckily there was a lamp behind me that totally unveiled her face from the darkness and her features became very clear
    As I looked to her, I almost gasped when I saw her eyes, blue as an oceanwow!
    I got even more surprised as I found that she looked terribly familiar; I swear she looked exactly like the girl I was looking for. She looked really similar.
    I remained silent for a while gazing at her eyes, sinking in her ocean, something that made her start to freak out. I quickly recognized that and said: ohIm, Im sorryI just thought about something
    So she said: O-okay?
    I responded quickly and said: I am Mohamed
    She looked at me as if she didnt know what the hell I was talking about and said: What? Whos Mohamed?
    I was shocked by this reply as I thought I mistaken that girl standing in front of me for someone else so I said: I am Mohamed from the MUN, you called me to give me the parker pen
    She looked to me almost laughing and saying: What? What pen?
    O-oh, what the hell is going on? Isnt that the girl?...?...!
    So, feeling really embarrassed I tried to appear calm and asked: I am sorry, umthere might be a mistakeAre you Salma?
    So she said: Yes I am
    Then I asked again: From the MUN? So she said: No.
    Ouch! Thats gotta hurt!
    I had mistaken the girl for someone else. Something is not right, what did just happen?
    I looked to the girl and said: Oh, I am sorry; Ive mistaken you with someone else
    So she said that it was ok. I went away from the girl, but I couldnt get her out of my mind or take my eyes of her. I tried to concentrate in my way in order not to hit something.


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    Chapter Three: Diamond or Glass?

    I looked around again and I found another girl waiting next to a car waiting in front of the building. She was short, white skin, blonde hairwhere have I seen that before?
    Anyway I continued to proceed to her and the more I got near to her the more I start to make out her facial features. She was wearing pale blue short jeans with cuts filling it and a tight black long sleeve T- shirt and almost revealing her belly, but not enough to be called stomach and finally a jeans jacket of the same color of the trousers; she was hot, I have to say!
    Then as I finally reached her the same lamp (It was really powerful) made her features clear. She was looking to me as I all the way as I walked to her. I stopped in front of her; and at that exact moment, I saw her face crystal clear
    How is that possible??
    I shock my head and hit it with my hand and then looked back to the girl againbut nothing changed!
    This girl too really looked like the girl I was looking for, but instead of blue eyes, she had green eyeswhat the hell does that mean?! How is that possible?!
    I looked to her, and then I looked back to the other girl back in front of the buildings door then back to her, and I was right! They looked almost the same like each other like the other girl I was looking for!
    Orare they not?
    Well they looked somehow different from each other, a very slight difference that you cant see from a distance or notice if you try to remember their faces, yet somehow feel it, an implicit difference if that what it can be called. While at the same time, from a distance, they are almost identical
    What the hell is going on??
    The girl looked to me as if I am crazy, so she said: Is there a problem?
    I recovered from my confusion and said: What?
    Then I realized the situation I was in and said: Oh, I am sorry..., and in order to save myself from embarrassment I said: Are you Salma?
    So she replied smoothly: Yes, then I asked: Are you in the MUN? So she seemed puzzled and said: Yes
    What a relief! Thank God. I made a short laugh and said: I am Mohamed She got even more puzzled and said: Mohamed? So I said Yes, we talked on the phone, you wanted to give me back the pen
    The last words made me have a strange feelingwhat kind of girl comes to a boy she almost doesnt know just to give him his pen? I never asked myself that question, maybe because I never imagined myself in this situation. What kind of Parker pen is that anyway?
    She replied saying: NoNo, that wasnt you, you are not the guy who was with me last time Oh Boy!
    Only then I realized I was in trouble, what the hell was I supposed to say now? I paused for sometime, looked up my apartment to the window, I didnt find my friend, so I got back to her and said: Wellum, err, yes, yes I know, I know it isnt me, I mean it isnt the other guy, the other and I stopped looking to her in embarrassment so she looked to me and said: Ok, what is going on here?
    Damn! Slow down girl! Give me time to think myself out of this! I paused for a short while trying to help myself
    Wait a minute, that isnt such a bad idea!
    Yes, yes, I know it isnt me. You also arent the girl I expected, thats why I came to tell you
    She looked to me not buying what I am saying and said: What? What do you mean? So I answered calmly: I expected another girl other than you who did borrow my pen too, and I thought you were that girl
    She still found it hard to get it in so I said: Its ok; you thought I was someone else, I thought you were someone else, and thats all
    She looked to the ground and then looked to me and said: Ok, so you were expecting another girl? So I answered calmly: Yes and she continued: and she borrowed a pen from you too? So I replied: Thats right Then looking to me, trying to reveal the lie she asked: and she is also called Salma? her look terrified me, but I kept it together and answered in the same calm manner: Actually I didnt get her name
    She didnt seem to buy it, she said: really? So I said confidently: Seriously, I am not kidding She still looked like not buying what I said, but she smiled and looked to the ground then to me. Wow! Wow!!
    That look she gave me, there is something in her eyes that just, makes youmakes you want to fly, just one look is enough for you to travel to the moon and come back!
    Maybe I didnt feel it all the time, but it came back again That girl, she really, really looks like the girl I was looking for, she really looks like her, to a terrible extent. Its her! Its gotta be her! There was no way she was someone else.
    But what can I do, do I ask her if she knows me? Ask her to take closer look at me? What do I do?
    Ok, She said You said you are in the MUN too? So I said: Yes, I am so she said: Ok, I guess Ill see you there
    My God! She is going to go, I have to do something!
    I startled her when I suddenly and quickly said: How did you get my number?

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    Chapter Three: Diamonds or Glass?

    She didnt get what I said, so she asked: What? So I asked her again: My number, how did you get it?
    She answered: I got it from a paper they gave us back at the MUN with the numbers and the e-mails of all people with us in MUN
    Eureka! So thats it!
    I know how all this happened, she looked interested to know, so I continued: There must be another one with us in the MUN, that would be the guy you wanted to meet, whose name is very similar to mine, and you simply confused his number with mine
    She seemed to believe what I said (it was true) so she said: YeahYeah I think youre right, I had really noticed that, youre right
    So I nodded and she said: Perhaps I should get going now, take care and she gently opened the back door of the car she was standing next to and got in. I raised my hand and said: Bye I got a quick wave from her and maybe a Bye from inside the car but I cant really confirm that.
    It was obvious that she had a car and a driver. She probably had a place to go and she remembered the pen thing and thought about coming by and giving it to meerrI mean the other guy, and then this whole thing happened. I returned to the building, I looked again to the place where the other girl was standing, but I didnt find her. I looked behind to find her going towards a car, and on reaching it she opens the back door and gets in. Wait a minute!
    Is this what they call Dj vu?
    I dont think so
    That is the SAME car of the other girl! The same brand, the same grey color!
    Well, thats odd and surprisingagain!
    But the really puzzling thing is
    What kind of Parker pen was it?


    I went back to the apartment; I looked at the mobile phone and found that it is 6:15. I was really surprised to meet two girls who looked really like the girl I was looking for. The thing that is more surprising is that they are both called the same name and one of them has green eyes, and the other has blue, which is really a confusing thing. I was almost 100% sure that one of these girls is the one I was looking for.
    I was deeply thinking in this issue as I was on my way back. I opened the door and told Ahmed about what I found. He was surprised of course, the same thing I did, and he told me that as well as she is with me in MUN then I can ask her at anytime whether she was that girl or not.
    I then asked Ahmed what he wanted to do now, and he said that he didnt know, he said he was ready for anything. Then he asked me what time was it, and I told him that it was almost 6:20. For the first time in his life he suggested that we go to the cinema. I was truly surprised; I thought he hated cinemas, so I said: Cinema? I thought you hated cinemas
    He replied: No, I dont hate cinemas, I am just not used to going to see movies thats all
    I asked him: Is there a specific movie you want to see there? so he said: No, any movie, lets see when you get there
    See when we get there? I almost doubted that that was Ahmed standing in front of me, I know pretty well that he hate cinemas, he told me that himself. Now he is suggesting going to the cinema and also going any movie.
    I said with doubt: O-Kay, if you want to go to the cinema we must leave now so that we can find tickets So he said: Ok, lets go now
    Ahmed waited at the door while I went inside to get some money. I opened the closet I searched in the jackets pocket for my money. I found it, and then when I got them out, I realized something strange, something that made me stop and stare at what is in my hands for a moment
    I counted the money to confirm my suspicionsand I was right! The money is some how, somewaymore!
    When I got this money from my dad before they went to Alex, they were 100 bills, 10 pounds each; now I am holding in my hand about the same number of bills but 100 pounds each! 10000 pounds! I am the king of the world!
    But wait a minute
    Where did this money come from?
    I thought about it for a moment
    Can it be? Did dad give me those by mistake? 10000 pounds by mistake!
    But this cant beWhere did he get 10000 pounds from so that he can give it to me by mistake? I mean how had he got it so easily? We usually dont carry this sum of money at home; simply never happens.
    Why do I care?
    The money is here, what am I supposed to do? Ask it to come back? No way!
    I took 3 or four hundreds out of this sudden treasure and left.
    We took a taxi to the mall; and when we arrived there, I noticed that it was not as crowded as it always used to bemaybe many people are traveling out of the city for the holiday. When we got to the box offices to see the movies, something unusual happened
    I looked at the movies that was showing and found out that there was no movie that really interests me, something that grabs me to it, nor even something that I just decide to go in order to waste time

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    Chapter Three: Diamonds or Glass?

    All of a sudden, I dont want to watch a movie, though the last time Id seen a movie was more than 6 months before. I told Ahmed that I dont feel like going to any of these movies and that Id rather sit in a coffee shop, maybe Costa. He became a bit angry and asked me whether I had agreed to come all the way to here just to go sit in a coffee shop, so I said: Well, did you have any other projects in mind?

    We sat in Costa for half an hour, I ordered a latte and Ahmed ordered a hot chocolate. As we sat waiting for our hot drinks, my mobile phone rang. I answered and heard another one of my friends answering me saying:
    Hey man, how are you?
    Fine Osama, you?
    I? I have a surprise for you
    Surprise? Yeah, I got used to that.
    (Lacking interest) Really, what is it?
    I collected 5 people and we are going to play Age of Empires 3, what do you think? Progress eh?
    At last!
    Age of Empires 3? I thought you didnt know how to play it
    I practiced it during the holiday. So are you coming or not?
    Hold on
    I looked to Ahmed and told him about what Osama just asked, and asked him if he would like to come, he agreed at once. Wow! I got back to the phone and said:
    Ok, and I am getting Ahmed too
    Cool, call John and get him too
    John, he is most probably busy now
    Ill give it a shot
    Ok, waiting for you in front of your house at 8 p.m., ok?
    My house?
    Yes, the net is near your house
    Really? What is it called?
    There is only one net near me that I know that has Age of Empires III. That net is non other than
    Cobra net, you know it?
    Yeah, I do
    Ok, Ill be waiting for you, dont forget to get John, ok?
    Ok, listen, I know the place of that net, you can go and wait for me there, ok?
    Ok, cool. Dont be late
    Dont worry, I wont

    I looked to Ahmed realizing that more than twenty minutes passed, and said: Why are the drinks late?


    We left the building at about 7:30 p.m. we decided to go walking, something that usually never happens, but I got used to unusual things today. While walking through the street in front of the mall and leading to the main street, we where startled by something that suddenly broke out
    A loud scream, coming from a dark narrow street branched from the one we were walking in. The scream was followed by yelling, shouts and other screams; it was clear that there was a quarrel between some people. I stopped and asked Ahmed: Can you hear that?
    We both stopped and then after a moment he said: Yeahsounds like a quarrel
    I looked around, and then looked to Ahmed and asked him what was going on, he paused for a while, then searched around him then he said: I dont know, but something is going on in that apartment and he pointed at an apartment that was roughly on the 4th floor on the street that I first thought the sound was from. I could hear a lot of yells coming out of the balcony of that apartment. I was able to pick some words from between the yells:
    Shut up you bitch! Your voice has reached the street!
    You sick bastard! You want me to shut up!
    You take all I am living for!
    All I am dying for!
    And after all that you want me to ignore all what you do when I am here alone at night?!
    I cantI cant stand you!
    All she was living for?
    All she was dying for?
    All what she cant ignore when she is alone at night?
    Wow! Thats a perfect match!
    Ouch! Thats gotta hurt! I heard that from down here in the street, and I cant even imagine how it felt!
    Ahmed told me to ignore it and just go, and that it is probably a quarrel between a man and his wife. But I wasnt even thinking about that quarrel, I was thinking of something else
    The words this woman screamed out made perfect match with the first lines of a song called All I am living for for Evanescence; A perfect match.
    I thought it was only a coincidence so ignored it and just continued walking, while the womans screams and yells not leaving both our ears (me and Ahmed) till we reached the main street.



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    the story was really good

    i enjoyed with read it

    thank you so much

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    Thanx Alot DARK'S SHADOW, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story...

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