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المواضيع: Need the New 2007 Testament

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    Need the New 2007 Testament

    Mr. $anta Clau$
    Oh Lord
    O Satan Dreams
    O Bloody Red

    Flesh blood dew dropping
    Call for the drinking old song
    O so Old fill the win glasses

    Yo raw Love & peace Ho
    Bring thy to these children
    From he all the fairy form
    Yo ho from the drunken world

    Page 948452
    If all were told
    Fifteen men lost there dens
    Yo Ho the holy blow with a bottle of rum

    Page 3
    Yo loop
    O drinks and feels the night fall
    No blinks to the eye that loves
    The best we wishes when merry chrisms
    Ho ho I smell the same Old shit
    O $anta change your own cloths

    Line 100
    Ho, Yu, how' Old, so cold
    Yo, Ho, O'Blow, Behold
    B'Snow and WOW loud

    Test 4
    Boo folks
    ? Who's old
    Dream the snow
    Seeing white beard

    Rev 33
    Bogy is baggie and woofer
    The band wagon spoofer
    Hackney coach so gig and goofier

    From the Satan clouds
    Black party like red Casanova
    Untie me my sins is all over

    Med 748251
    ? Who knows
    Ho, cried
    O' sweet child
    Teens tried
    Oh mine
    Deer's fried
    Speed light all the fifteens tonight
    It's alright O'Speaking child

    Las 5784
    Take your soul out
    Cues I'm no different
    I'm the child and that's my only business
    Fun to cry bring my resent only presented
    I lied I hate gifts to give
    Snow is so thick and still so O old
    And not so O real to send a real chick
    Rum gum I feel so sick
    Yo Ho I still smell the same trick
    Yo calls the same o filthy shit

    Play 875455
    ?Who likes to pay play
    Steal the above present
    Represented and never taken
    For thousands of years
    The best bless present
    From Nine or eleven

    Les 564768
    I'm taking your soul out
    It's my free blessing
    Put you in three dimensions
    My game is ping pong
    And I'm just playing
    Scrow you all
    Just like the king o kong

    Los 85724
    Your soul is o go
    My score is fifteen clean
    Screw unmarried O' nun
    To loose and become so virgin
    Be so o'wise and just smell clean
    As you can be like me

    Sss 666
    Be the saint against Satan
    No o' SEX at all
    666 is all I am really thinking
    Screw the white fuzz ball who's Santa Claus
    Raise his ass O no his shit smell so clean
    Kill the god love screw desires from O Satan
    Screw the nuns' o sex is all I'm thinking
    I feel the best of no fun
    The cherish when she's not screaming
    Love will burst from the O church
    Oh Yes o I love more and mo
    Be the best saint if you want children
    Saint and nuns may proceed in screwing
    O lord bring us more free lost children
    O ho lost in no real dimension
    O go your sins is already forgiving
    So ho lord send some real angels
    O lord let it be live forsaken
    O behold we're changing the religion
    O grow free and here is heaven
    O ho the rest is not thinking

    Hallo for the new system
    Hallo for the next evolved religion

    Res 98429
    O law new clean from the old shit
    O lord take the new religion

    Bow WOW for the same shifty Satan
    I'd cry if Satan is ever forgiving

    I'd say get your self a gun
    I'd say kill for twenty
    I'd say bring me fortunes before I go
    I'd say she's twenty dollars
    I'd say I have all the money
    I'd say no ones see but me
    I'd say this is just a game
    I'd say I'll never use drugs
    I'd say no fear it's free
    I'd say I'll never give up
    I'd say I'll go to war
    I'd say I fight for glory
    I'd say to be above
    I'd say I'll screw the world
    I'd say just my own love

    God I am good only in screwing stuff

    For help and assistant on how to become a legendary pirate

    Need the New 2007 Testament

    The above is from my head and not the originals
    Since it is taking from another head so no harm done

    The author name is XXXver.666000

    And please be real about it..read and try to think and find GOD

    Thank you for the cooperation by being a part as a listener on our yearly programs Revelations and Testaments
    To all humanity including animals and pets

    The public announcements brought to you by

    Mo were to hide
    Still look sexy as you pay a penny
    John Walker liquor store
    69 years alc.70% heart attack can be so close now like never been before YO
    Toys are nuts
    Who cares?
    Top Forces for Rent
    Rent your own F15 today with 9 missiles and 200mm gun
    The new distract the G94785 destroyer is in your hand today for only 5m$ per day
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    And yes, anything goes sex we have it
    X mall
    We do them all
    Sexy Biohazard Labs
    We blow them all
    Blue star sunny beach for high tech and war factory
    New: our sky jump and die

    Under super visions of mercury the almighty galaxy
    Satellite channels and cables networks
    The best in the world and number one source of how to become a real animal

    To receive your copy donate now
    All rates are dramatic due to times and blab la blab
    Pay at your own god knows da man risk

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    Ho ho I smell the same Old shit

    !! please watch your language


    شكراً dark-knight على التوقيع الخطير ^ ^

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    إقتباس الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة ♪ Orochimaru ♪ مشاهدة المشاركة

    !! please watch your language

    R U talking to GOD

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    In my opinion
    As a MUSLIM
    If I was looking for a true religion now I would think of a book that is NOT changed by any means
    NOT a single letter
    NOT a single meaning
    I want that Holy book which is 100% true
    PERFECT because perfection is from GOD only
    And peace on all my brothers and sisters in Islam

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    I really can't understand you

    are you with or aginst ISLAM

    you are useing bad language

    is this your writings and Opinion

    is this the way you think

    because it's really Sick

    are you with our aginst those writings

    do you agree with that??

    muslims don't use such language

    you are giveing the wrong idea to the world

    and the girl Orochimaru

    she was talking to you not to god

    you are a big Idiot

    you think you Understand every thing whereas you Understand nothing at all

    you talk big without understanding how small you are

    it's you I'm talking to so don't Mess around

    I am talking to you

    how could you write in such bad Manners

    I think I hate you now

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    iam with m.r and with every word u said
    u r strange sick guy
    how cuold say such words
    and what kine of opinion is that
    we can even discussed any thing with u and with ur frek ideas
    u dont worthe to be muslim
    muslims have the truth we domt need ti search adout a book or any thing else
    u have ti think befor u say any thing ok
    get it


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  9. #8


    your are ok .. the lord forgive you

    Tht's it father

    yaah.. you may go now


    who's the jerk? DUH

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    إقتباس الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة m.r مشاهدة المشاركة
    the jerk is you
    I am the jerk



    as long as

    I'm free and not in jail

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