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    اخر مقابله ل Rumiko takahashiبخصوص inuyasha


    The colour samples from "Inuyasha" are finally done! What do think, Takahashi-sensei!!
    They're nice, aren't they. But, I don't know how the colours will actually look when seen on TV. Anyway, they're great!!
    Yes, I understand. Well on top of that, I read the original serial seial work, but I never thought I'd be doing the anime version!!
    As far as my serial work is concerned, there are few laughs, so I worried what'd happen for the Inuyasha anime! (laughs) So for when it becomes an anime, instead of making it serious all the time, I thought I should also have cheerful and fun parts as well.
    Indeed! Ikeda-san the director, first swore to treasure the drawing of the original work above all else. Therefor, we'll make use of the cheerful parts in the original work!!
    But I'll be looking forward to movement and sound which I can't do without anime, and please don't feel bound to the original work and try other things.
    Before long, we'll show the flashy and cool appearance we take pride in (laughs). The director also has a plan to keep to Takahashi-sensei's taste in doing gags. Ah, by the way, next week finally is the audition for the seiyuu-san...!!
    Hmm. Inuyasha's voice is after all a young boy's voice. I definately would like a male seiyuu-san for him! A female would sound too child-like, and out of place, but... that's fine if [the character] is more like a child though.

    [COMMENTS] Female seiyuu fairly often get parts of (young) male characters.

    Like Shippou, for example?
    Exactly! Shippou in particular wouldn't work without a female [seiyuu]. I don't suppose you could actually bring in a real child could you?
    Not really... like, if their voice changed, it would be a major problem wouldn't it (laughs). Next then, what about Kagome?
    Hmm, it's a bit hard to image her, but... I feel that something like, well, a voice which isn't too sweet, and yet refreshing would be good.
    It certainly could be hard. Then how about Kikyou...?
    In the manga, it's said Kagome looks like her, but her personality is different and her face is also different - it's true! So of course, her voice would be different to Kagome's, and being too sweet would also be no good. But, I want a soft feeling somewhere. Seems like you'll be forgiven no matter what I say (laughs).
    It's not just a thankless role is it. Kikyou is certainly older than Kagome isn't she.
    Right. Kagome is 15 years old... and drawing their two faces is different, and surely Kikyou would be older (laughs). I guess Kikyou is around 17 years old.
    I see (laughs). Okay, when the audition CD is done, I'll come around again.

    [COMMENTS] I guess he means doing a recording of the audition on a CD...

    Okay, I'll be waiting!! So, about when will I be able to see Inuyasha moving and talking?
    That's still rather unknown though... (laughs).
    The voices and drama are both important, but I'm looking forward to the action parts too. But, I think the way in which the action stops and starts during an episode is an important point too. (or something like that - not sure about translating this line...) When there's action there's action, and when there's a pause there should be a pause, shouldn't there. (trouble translating this line too...) Certainly when there's an important scene, you want to carefully relish it, right.
    We'll do that properly too. "Inuyasha" will be a hit no matter how we make it, but the director isn't relying on that and all the staff have really given their utmost since the beginning. I hope we live up to expectations!!
    It sounds like a lot of work, but I wish you the best.
    Actually, this is the first time I've done such a famous author's work. I'm happy, and honoured, and it'll be a challenge too. But on the other hand, the responsibility is also heavy, isn't it (laughs). Oh, today, the continuity for episode 2 was completed, [I need to] check it...!

    Sure. We both have heavy responsibilities don't we... (laughs


    Translation of page announcing the TV anime

    Takahashi Rumiko-sensei
    Shonen Sunday's great spring scoop

    yellow splash banner
    TV Anime-version definate!!
    center heading
    Broadcast starts this autumn!!
    center text
    This is the first report of the TV Anime-version, that the whole country's fans have been waiting for!! Takahashi-sensei's other serialised work such as "Urusei Yatsura" and "Ranma 1/2" have all been made into a TV Anime version, and been great hits!! The voices of readers reaching the editorial department have gone "still no Inuyasha anime?"... but this autumn it is finally starting!! Unfortunately, at the present stage, we can only report about it being this autumn, but, from now on in successive Shonen Sunday's the details will be announced, so please don't miss it!!

    Closeup of Takahashi-sensei 417x414 32Kb
    heading below Takahashi-sensei
    Takahashi Rumiko-sensei is also excited!!
    Takahashi-sensei text
    I'm excited that the anime version has been decided. I'm anticipating the sense of brightness and action speed that the anime will bring. For the future, so that I won't lose to the anime, I'll work hard to keep the magazine "Inuyasha" interesting.

    bottom left (pink blob)
    With the Sunday "Commerical Theatre" there was a brief anime "Inuyasha". Starting this autumn you'll be able to see Inuyasha in action every single week!!

    Inuyasha (middle right, blue text)
    We're gonna go totally wild!!

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    شكرا اخوي

    الموضوع رائع بس عيبه انه انجليزي بس انتظروا بكتب موضوع شامل عن انيوشا من حيث المسلسل والافلام الى ذلك الوقت تقبلوا احترامي

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    أشكرك أخي ريوقا على نشر هذه المقابلة
    مع المبدعة الغنية عن التعريف Rumiko takahashi

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    ساكورا : تشكرين على الرد وهذا واجبي

    devil: شكرا وسامحني على التقصير بس بصراحه ما كان عندي وقت اترجم المقابله خبرك فيني عجازtongue بس انا في انتظار موضوعك بفارغ الصبر

    angel: عزيز وغالي .....ولا شكر على واجب انا اصلا من اشد المعجبين بالمبدعه takahashi وبمعظم اعمالها الرائعه وسعيد ان المقابله اعجبتكمasian

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    شكراا على المقابله الرائعه الله يعطيك ألف عافية gooood

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    مشكوووووووور Ryouga ويعطيك 999 عافية تدري ليش لأنها انجليزي لو خليتها بالياباني احسن asiandevious

    وكان قلنالك يعطيك الف عافية wink

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    اخت zelda واخت anime space:مشكور لى ردودكم ومجرد مروركم على الموضوع يشرفني

    أخ naozomi: انا شهادتي مجروحه فيك لان لك معزه خاصه devious ويعطيك العافيه على ردك الرائع بس للاسف ما اقدر احطها بالياباني لاني للاسف ما افقه الا بعض الكلمات البسيطه لكن اتمنى ان اجيد اليابانيه يوما ما ان شاء الله

    وشكرا لكل من رد او مر بالموضوعgooood

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    المقابلة فعلا ممتازة , فجميل جدا أن نعرف ما يجري في كواليس المسلسلات .و الأجمل هو معرفة رأيها في مسلسل الأنيمي ...

    شكرا لك ريوقا على المقابلة ...

    gooood gooood

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    الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة Devil_Dante :
    شكرا اخوي

    الموضوع رائع بس عيبه انه انجليزي بس انتظروا بكتب موضوع شامل عن انيوشا من حيث المسلسل والافلام الى ذلك الوقت تقبلوا احترامي
    ليش ماتعرف أنجليزي؟
    تعلموااا شوي تقرون أشياء أنجليزية!! حتى الحلقات أترجمونه..


    confused وsorry!

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    مشكور اختي هدير الموج واخي shadabadعلى ردودكم الرائعه التي اثرت موضوعي المتواضعtongue

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    شكرا يا رRyouga على المقابلة مع Rumiko takahashi كاتبه مبدعة كانت مع اول اعمالها تكسب 3 مليون دولار في السنه smile قبل لاتظهر سلسلة رانما واينوياشا ..يعجبني عملها في اينوياشا لانها ماتدخلت في الانمي(مثل ماتدخلت في رانما) الا في اختيار صوت اينوياشا والي كان هو نفس صوت رانما الولد (عجبها طريقته في الكلام ولهجته الي مثل أولاد الشوارع او بالاحرى احم نوري ) .. فطلع العمل أحلىوهذا رأي بسcool

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    مشكور توته على تعقيبك لارائع gooood
    وانا معك في ان kappai yamaguchi ابدع في تجسيد دور Ranma و inuyasha انا بصراحه اعتبره افضل syuu على الاطلاقasian

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