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    Ninja Scroll



    Hi there guys! How are you!? well this time it's about Ninja Scroll, I don't think if there is anyone who don't know about this infamous anime... We all heard of it, but maybe some of you don't know it, though... I think this anime is not that bad but I didn't liked the anime much, though... But it's no problem since I like Ninja's and Samurai's anime movies, I admit it wasn't my best anime but yet it was pretty good but not as good as I heard from the people... I really would like to thank Adam and his great Otaku's site, because you will find most of the stuff there, so I can't make this thread without his help, the characters stories are from there and I appreciate his efforts, Lord Ashram for helping me to find informations about this series, thanks to you guys I do appreciate it, I admit that I wouldn't be creating this thread without the help of you... Anyway let's get going...


    The story: 6/10
    The characters: 6/10
    The animation: 8/10
    The musics: 5/10
    Overall: 6/10

    Well I heard from the people that the story was very good but I really didn't liked so much, I have to agree with the people who just said the story isn't that good, unlike the others I didn't liked the story so much, maybe it's pretty good and accepted, you can say it's better than nothing, though... But for me I didn't liked so much even though it's a bloody and dark anime... I can't say anything more because I don't have any comments to say about the story, just a guy who is trying to be a bad one but helping the others, that's all... Just like any other animes Nothing special about the story that's all I can say!

    As for the characters, I know people will say thye have the best characters...etc Yeah there are maybe some great ones but as for me I would say they are not cool... I know there are characters who is trying to be like D and Samurai fighters...etc but just look at the different between D and Jubei, there is no way I can compare the too, Jubei is nothing compared to D or anyone just like D, I would say they are nothing compared to the real great characters, to be honest I only liked the main character Jubei and Mujuru, they are the only guys that I liked in this anime, but yet that doesn't mean they are really cool, though... Hope you understand what I mean wink

    Well as everybody just said about the animation that was good, I have to agree with them, it's pretty cool! Honestly it's The most thing I liked in the anime is the animation, I really liked the graphics, it was pretty good or maybe it was the only thing the anime was good at biggrin... But yet it's nothing compared to Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust or anything new to Vampire Hunter, sadly there are not much cool effects as the new animes, I can't say anything more but the animation is pretty good and that's true!

    What I can say about the musics, hmmmm! In my opinion I think it was very boring indeed, I didn't liked the musics or maybe I didn't gived a damn about the musics because it was really boring if you ask me, nothing gets you deep or touch you, very cold... I know I wont be getting out of this thread without being killed by the members biggrin but let me say this, even the Samurai musics which are not very good and uncool, I think it's far better than Ninja Scroll musics, that's what I think so don't kill me for it, everybody has his own opinion!

    Well I really don't know what to say, I have heard alot about this anime, many people said it's very cool and it's the best anime in the anime world...etc but after I saw it I really can't express my feelings, I have nothing against the anime and I think it's accepted, if you ask me my answer would be it's not a cool anime, I know many disagree with me and they will think I don't know how to watch animes, but nothing was good in the anime except for the animation and maybe the story... But as for the characters, there was not a real cool character, as I know every anime has at least one very good character but this doesn't have anyone of them, and most of them are not cool, as for the musics I just can say it's nothing cool and I might sleep if I hear it again and again, as for the anime style, there was nothing special or maybe it's just me... Generally I can only say it's not a cool anime and I really expected more from this anime because I heard alot about it, well if you compare him with Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust, and if you are confused on what to take, I would say just throw Ninja Scrool out of your mind, because Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is far better than this anime, and also if you are a ninja anime's fan I still suggest you not to see this before Black Lion, Black Lion was far better than this, well I can't say anything more and it's just my personal opinion, so there are many who disagree with me I know that already, but I am sorry guys because everybody has his own opinion...

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    Feudal Japan - A time of danger, intrigue and deception. Jubei is a masterless ninja who travels the land alone, hiring his services to those with gold...or a worthy cause. His fearsome abilities have served him well, but a hideous plot to overthrow the government threatens to end his wandering ways and possibly his life.

    When a small village succumbs to a terrible plague, a team of ninjas are sent to investigate, and realize that all is not as it seems. Ambushed, they are wiped out by a fearsome man-monster with incredible powers, leaving only one alive - Kagero, a beautiful female ninja, whose touch can bring instant death. Jubei saves her from a fate worse than death, and unwittingly becomes drawn into the web of treachery. He is soon faced with his greatest challenge, an enemy for whom death holds no fear, with the power to destroy Jubei's world.


    Jubei Kibagami


    Jubei is the main character of Ninja Scroll. He prefers to work alone in most situations and we never truly understand where he came from. All we know is that he is a man of deep honor and that he is a ninja for hire (though money isn't that important for him). Jubei's skills are legendary, he carries only a long sword with a wire attached for battle (in case the sword ever gets separated from him the wire provides for easy retrieval). Jubei, unlike other similar anime characters, enjoys talking to the eventual discontent of his adversaries. If he is in a bad position he will talk and joke masterfully until an opportunity arises for him to release himself and attack (often via his special sword).



    Hanza is one of the Koga ninja and acts as its official/unofficial leader. He and Kagero have a very interesting relationship that is never fully disclosed. He is one of the most unfortunate characters in the movie.



    Dakuan is a government agent sent to investigate a plot to set the ex-rulers of feudal Japan back in power. Dakuan, while extremely skillful and intelligent, comes across much of the film as being perverse and willing to go to desperate means to achieve his goals. After all, he did once state, "when you fight the devil, be a devil yourself!" As such he poisoned Jubei for blackmail and he tried to force Kagero to sleep with Jubei.



    Kagero is a strong-willed young woman who was originally a poison taster for her clan (because she possesses an immunity to it). Early in the movie she joins the Koga ninja, worried about Hanza's fate. Kagero, though indeed immune to poison, also has the unfortunate power to automatically poison any man who touches her in a sensual way.


    The Chamberlain is a large fellow who heads the Mochizuki Clan. He always seems to be calm - perhaps too calm - and contributes very little to the film.



    Tessai is the most intimidating of the 8 devils of Kimon. He is a monstrous presence whose skin is as hard as rock - absolutely impenetrable by traditional weapons of steel (though his eyes are vulnerable). Tessai was the first of the devils to be introduced and slaughtered (along with the help of Yurimaru) the Koga ninja. He wields a mammoth double-bladed weapon that he throws like a boomerang with perfect accuracy. His problems began when he decided to rape Kagero and mess with Jubei. [First Devil Killed].



    Benisato is a temptress that seems to be part snake. She can cast off her skin like a snake; she can control snakes; and she can summon snakes from her body. Benisato is introduced in this film when she goes to investigate Tessai's death. Her problems began when she decided to compete with fellow devil Yurimaru for the love of their Lord Gemma. [Second Devil Killed]


    Mushizo is a hideous hunchback whose back is literally a wasp factory. His only power is the ability to release his wasps and control them for attack. Mushizo's problems began when he fell into the water and the wasps in his body stung him desperately to get out. [Third Devil Killed]

    Utsutsu Mujuru


    Utsutsu is very much different from the other devils. He possesses no magical abilities and is blind. His only advantage in combat is that he is an exceptionally good swordsman - even better than Jubei - and that his sword can cause a bright flash to blind his opponents. Utsutsu is also different from the others in that he is honorable, he waited for Jubei to come to safety before challenging him to duel. In the end he died because he forgot the placement of Kagero's sword - if only he could see! [Fourth Devil Killed]


    Shijima is a creature that has the ability to mold into the ground (into the shadows?) and then transport himself away. He uses a vicious claw as a weapon and can, furthermore, make false copies of himself and take control of people (through some very questionable means). Shijima's claw, like Tessai's blade, became his undoing. [Fifth Devil Killed]



    Yurimaru is the most powerful of the devils. He is very relaxed, never getting upset or revealing his emotions, and wields a long wire that he uses to hang and electrocute his victims. Very effeminate in character and sexuality, Yurimaru lusts after Gemma and kills Benisato out of jealous. His problems began when he treated his fellow devil Zakuro, who loved him, so disrespectfully. [Sixth Devil Killed]



    Zakuro has an interesting ability. She can make any living thing detonate like a bomb. Zakuro is desperately in love with Yurimaru throughout the movie and when she is so harshly refused, she "accidentally" kills him. In the end, being the last of the devils to die, Zakuro ironically is covered in oil and detonated by Jubei/Dakuan. [Seventh Devil Killed]

    Himuro Gemma


    Himuro Gemma was killed five years ago by Jubei but has the power to regenerate so being killed was just a minor setback in his overall plans. And what plans they are! Gemma wishes to create a ninja army and rule the country with terror and to be the only Shogun of the Dark. Gemma is bi-sexual and so both Benisato and Yurimaru are after his favors. Gemma fights with his bare hands, not needing weapons. He is the leader of the Devils of Kimon. [Eighth and Last Devil Killed]

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    Japanese Name: Juubei Ninpucho
    English Name: Ninja Scroll
    Episodes: 1
    Runtime: 94 Minutes
    Genres: Action, Adventure
    Year: 1993
    Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
    Screenplay: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
    Art director: Hiromasa Ogura
    Original Manga: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
    Character Design: Yutaka Minowa
    Animation director: Yutaka Minowa
    Director of Photography: Hitoshi Yamaguchi
    Assistant producer: Kazuhiko Ikeguchi, Masako Fukujo, Shigeru Kitayama
    Editing: Harutoshi Ogata, Yukiko Itou
    Executive producer: Makoto Hasegawa, Masamichi Fujiwara, Yutaka Takahashi
    Line Producer: Masao Maruyama
    Music: Kaoru Wada
    Producer: Haruo Sai, Masaki Sawanobori, Shigeaki Komatsu
    Sound Effect Director: Yasunori Honda
    Sound Effects: Kenji Shibasaki
    Production: Madhouse Studios
    Director: Quint Lancaster
    Licensed by: Manga Entertainment


    Kibagami Juubei: Kouichi Yamadera
    Kagerou: Emi Shinohara
    Zakuro: Masako Katsuki
    Utsutsu Mujuurou: Norio Wakamoto
    Dakuan: Takeshi Aono
    Yurimaru: Toshihiko Seki
    Yurimaru: Andy Philport
    Kagero: Wendee Lee


    Ok I think this ends here, I just hope that you like it, and I hope that my friends are not angry on me for not liking the anime as they wished to hear from me... Well I once again say sorry because I didn't liked the anime and please don't blame me for this! If you have any comment or question just feel free to ask me and I would be very glad to answer you, I am waiting for you...


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    مشكور على الموضوع
    انا من زمان ابغى اعرف قصته ودائما الخبط بينه وبين انمي ثاني

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    مشكــور Dark على الموضــوع الرائــعgooood gooood
    تسـلم على الجهــد المـبذول smile
    وفي انتظـار المزيـد دائمـا smile

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    مشكور على الموضوع
    انا من زمان ابغى اعرف قصته ودائما الخبط بينه وبين انمي ثاني
    العفو والله يسعدني جدا أن الموضوع أعجبك...

    مشكــور Dark على الموضــوع الرائــع
    تسـلم على الجهــد المـبذول
    وفي انتظـار المزيـد دائمـا
    العفو أختي المراقبة ويسعدني جدا ردك في الموضوع... الحمدلله أن الموضوع أعجبك وإن شاء الله بحط مواضيعي الذي بالعربية في القريب العاجل وشكرا...

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    تسلم على الموضوع دارك لورد ..الله يعطيك ألف عافية

    دائماً أختيارك للأنيمي رائع ..لم اشاهد منه الكثير و كقصه هو رااائع ..

    وخاصه انه نينجا smile شكرا لك مرة اخرى على الموضوع smile

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    العفو أختي الفاضلة... والله يسعدني أن الموضوع أعجبك... شكرا على الرد وإن شاء الله نسمع منك في القريب العاجل... سلام

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    ماشالله عليك كفيت ووفيت يعطيك الف عافيه

    بس الصراحه رسم الانمي وايد عجبني


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    والله حتى أنا عجبني الرسم أكثر شيء فيه أو يمكن الشيء الوحيد الذي عجبني فيه... zlick أشكرك أخوي أو أختي على الرد في الموضوع وإن شاء الله نسمع منك في القريب العاجل... سلام

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    مـوضــوع جميـل جـدا و ليـس بغـريـب أن يكـون مـوضـوعـك هـذا بل مـواضيـعـك كـلهـا ممـيـزة ..

    تمـيـز X تمـيـز هـذا مـا أجـده عـند قـراءتـي لمـوضـوعـك ... ألـف شكـر دارك عـلى هـذا الإبـداع المـتواصـل ..

    أتفـق مـعك فـي أن أفضـل شيء فـي هـذا الفيـلم هـو رسـومـه .. و عندمـا قـرأت مـا كتبـتـه عـن المـوسيـقى , حـاولـت أن أستـرجـع بـذاكـرتـي أي ألحـان أو ترنيـمـات قـد سمعتـهـا .. و كـانـت النتيـجـة صـفـرا , و هـنـا أنـت محـق بأن المـوسيقـى ليـست بذلـك القـوة و زيـادة عـلى ذلـك إذا مـا سمـعتـهـا فـلـن تتـذكـرهـا كمـا فـي حـالتـي أنـا ...wink

    عـلى كـل حـال , أشكـرك عـلى مـوضـوعـك المـبـدع و الـرائـع ...كـمـا أحـببـت أن أنـوه بأن أكـثر مـا يعجـبنـي فـي تقـاريـرك صـراحـتك و تقـييمـك للأنـمي .. فقـلمـا نجـد شخصـا لـه أسـلوبـك كمـا لـه هـذه الصـراحـة النـادرة ..

    شـكـرا دارك ..gooood gooood

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