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    Babel II



    Well it's time to rock once again, well I will post whatever I found about Babel II on the net, if you found more stuff feel fre to post it here and thanks... Let me also thanks Adam, Saiyuu for the descreption help also Marvekh... And not to forget Best Anime's site

    Babel II- Beyond Infinity" created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, is one of the most outstanding stories of Japanese comic properties. Mr. Yokoyama is a famous illustrator and author of popular comic books such as "Quest of Three Kingdom" and "Gigantor" both of which were adapted into animated TV series. They were licensed worldwide, in more than 40 countries.
    Babel II - Beyond Infinity" is the story of a boy chosen to protect the earth from evil forces. Using tremendous psychic power he begins fierce battle against the villains possessing paranormal force. "Babel II – Beyond Infinity" is a truly entertaining new series with breath-taking, exciting action... Ok let's get going, you will find about Babel almost in every popular anime site and thanks to the owners, I really appreciate it...


    The story: 5/10
    The characters: 6.5/10
    The graphics: 8/10
    The musics: 5/10
    Style: 6/10
    Overall: 6/10

    Well the story isn't that good for me, to be honest I didn't like it... You know why!? Well it's because it's the same old copying other animes, I mean if there was something new with the story it will be alright but it's same same old... A boy of hope, and he is the only hope for the world, crap... But yet for some it might be cool as you know there is a robot a panther and some stuff that might you like it, the first movie really sucked but then the next movies were alot better I think... Check it out maybe it's only me who doesn't like the story as you know I like deep stories such as Night Warrior's storyline, Yu Yu Hakusho...etc but if it was a fighting anime then I don't care about the story much, though...

    As for the characters, there is less great character, I mean it should have more characters since it's a big popular anime series, the only thing I like is those helpers of robots, panthers and stuff and maybe the final boss... Who else noticed that Babel looks abit like the hero from Giant Robo series, I guess they have the same hair style hehe... One thing I like in Babel when he charges up and turn to yellow kinda remind me when G-Gundam characters turn to be shining characters or Athena and their holy crap Psycho's stuff... Just check it out you might find more than me, though...

    Now I don't have a comment about the graphics since the first movie series graphics sucked as hell, if you just see the difference between the old one and the new one you will for sure appreciate the art and graphics team for their great job on improving the graphics, the graphics are well done and it's pretty cool, when you see it you already would know that it's a new anime... The color effects are pretty good as well...

    To be honest I didn't liked the musics at all, it wasn't that good... It should be a little better than that because It was really pathetic, but maybe you like these type of musics but I am far different... No more comments can be said about the musics... All I have to say is that I don't like it...

    The anime style isn't that bad but it's kinda slow and boring... The only scenes are the final scenes of course cause the anime gets some life... If you see the Babel II the first one you will sleep, I am not joking it was really boring especially the first episodes... As for the characters style it's not that much too but yet it's pretty good, I like those wankers biggrin who trying to be like the Giant Robo's dudes... Hehehe...

    Well I don't know what to say but I think it wasn't a very good anime maybe it was good, heh... I know many of you might like it but as for me I don't think it's that good but yet I am not saying it sucks at all, if you like to buy it I suggest you to rent it first or see it anywhere before getting it, it's surely recommended... If you are مهم with what to buy, Giant Robo or Babel 2, or Evanglion, I suggest you to take Evanglion then Giant Robo then Babel... But if you are a hardcore anime fan then get it as you like...
    اخر تعديل كان بواسطة » DarkLordDragon في يوم » 08-02-2003 عند الساعة » 13:54

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    Koichi is disturbed by a strange nightmare. A mysterious voice starts talking to him while he is sleeping. Then, an old tower in the desert appears in a sandstorm. It is the call from Babel I who lived 5000 years ago. His spirit wanders in the tower of Babel hidden deep in the desert, constantly covered by sandstorms and dense fog. Koichi is the chosen one, as he possesses tremendous psychic power. The spirit of Babel I fears an evil force is scheming to conquer the world and asks Koichi to protect the people and the earth from destruction. Koichi has to fight against the malicious ambition of evil clans possessing tremendous supernatural powers. With the help of Rhodem, the Black Panther, Robross, the monster bird and Poseidon the giant robot, our hero begins the desperate struggle to save the earth!



    Koichi, age 17, grew up at an orphanage. Troubled by strange nightmares, he is awakened as Babel II, the legitimate successor of the blood and heritage of the alien, Babel I.


    Yomi is the merchant of death and the emperor of darkness with outstanding psychic power. He owns a huge conglomerate of major industrial and military products networked over many countries. His ambition is to be ruler of all mankind and the earth.


    A young and beautiful agent of UNIT, United Nations Intelligent Team. Her job is to search and subdue international conflicts, conspiracy and domestic riots before they flare up.


    A high school student and Koichi's girlfriend.


    Father of Yumiko. He is the principal of the high school where Koichi and Yumiko attend. Taizo is Koichi's foster parent.

    Feres (ryoko)

    A school counselor at Koichi's high school. Her true identity is a secret agent of Yomi, sent to watch Koichi's life.

    A cyborg created by. He transforms himself into plasma emitting high temperature more than 10,000 degrees.


    Babel II - Call to the masters

    Title: ===========>Babel II - Call to the...etc
    Volume: ========>Vol. 1
    Run Time: ======>100
    Distributor: ======>Media Blasters
    Release date: ===>2002-08-27
    Pre date: =======>2002-07-23

    Fall beneath the wave of exploding psychic powers! Koichi is an ordinary youth given extraordinary powers to fight a shadowy underworld of renegade psychics. Hidden in a forgotten desert lies the tower of Babel, created by an unknown force. As its successor, Koichi summons three psychic guardians and challenges Yomi, Leon and any other renegades brave enough to stand in his path.

    Babel II - Rise of Poseidon

    Title: ==========>Babel II - Rise of Poseidon
    Volume: ========>DVD 2
    Run Time: ======>75
    Distributor: =====>Media Blasters
    Release date: ==>2002-11-19

    As the mysterious organization, Hades, steps up its attack, Koichi taps into a new area of his own unconscious and summons the war machine, Poseidon. Made with the same otherworldly technology that was used to create the tower of Babel, Poseidon's unbelievable strength turns the tide in Koichi's favor.

    Hades switches strategies and attacks Reika with a strange vampric virus. Will Koichi be able to stop the virus without releasing too much of the power and losing his own personality?

    Babel II - Leon's Mirage

    Title: ============>Babel II - Leon's Mirage
    Volume: =========>DVD 3
    Run Time: =======>75
    Distributor: =======>Media Blasters
    Release date: ====>2003-02-25

    Deep in the desert, Babel the Second has finally confronted and defeated the evil Yomi. Without their master, Yomi’s troops scatter throughout the world. Leon, once right hand to an empire of evil, ends up wounded and lost in the jungle.

    Rescued by Aira, a simple village girl, Leon begins his quest to find the Golden City. His first challenge is the Guardian Predator, a massive android that can shrug off his psychic attacks. In order to succeed, Leon puts his loyalties to the side and teams up with Babel the Second.

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    Koichi gets an invitation from Yomi



    Koichi Kamiya/Babel II: Kenichi Suzumura
    Reika Saeki: Satsuki Yukino
    Yumiko Furumi: Shoko Kikuchi
    Hikari Homura: Shotaro Morikubo
    Ryoko Kirishima: Yurika Hino


    Japanese Name: ========>Babiru Nisei
    English Name: ==========>Babel II
    Genres: ===============>Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural
    Episodes: ==============>13
    Start date: ==============>2001-10-06
    End date: ==============>2001-12-29
    Series director: ==========>Ken Ushikusa
    Original creator: ==========>Mitsuteru Yokoyama
    Character Design: ========>Ikuo Shimazu
    Animation director: =======>Ikuo Shimazu
    Sound: ================>Hideo Takahashi
    Animation Studio: ========>Vega Entertainment
    Broadcaster: ============>TV Tokyo
    Licensed by: ============>Enoki Films and Media Blasters (English Companies)


    Well guys thanks for reading this and hope that you've enjoyed and if I helped, If you have any comments or any questions just feel free to ask and I would be very glad to help you out...


    اخر تعديل كان بواسطة » DarkLordDragon في يوم » 08-02-2003 عند الساعة » 13:52

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    في البداية اود أن ارحب بك بيينا .. و

    ما شاء الله عليك موضوع في قمة الروعه رغم انه أول موضوع

    الله يعطيك ألف عافية

    لم اشاهد هذا الانيمي .. حتى الان لقد شوقتني لرؤيته


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    شكرا على الترحيب... وشكرا لك أختي على الكلام اللطيف, والله يعطيج العافية...

    Thanks for the greetings and for the cool comment my dear sister, I appreciate it, I am glad you like it, you cheered me up so I am going to post my old stuff around here time to time wink

    See you

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    اهلا ومرحبا بك بيننا
    ومشكـــور على الموضوع الرائــع جـــداgooood
    يبدو أن هذا الأنمي رائع جـــدا smile

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    Thank you very much
    You are welcome anytime my dear friend...

    اهلا ومرحبا بك بيننا
    ومشكـــور على الموضوع الرائــع جـــدا
    يبدو أن هذا الأنمي رائع جـــدا
    Thanks for the greetings my dear friend, I appreciate it... Well the anime's drawing and story might be cool... But not a perfect anime at all if you ask me tongue

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    الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة DarkLordDragon :
    شكرا على الترحيب... وشكرا لك أختي على الكلام اللطيف, والله يعطيج العافية...

    Thanks for the greetings and for the cool comment my dear sister, I appreciate it, I am glad you like it, you cheered me up so I am going to post my old stuff around here time to time wink

    See you

    دامنك تعرف تتكلم عربي ليش موضوعك بالانجلزيogre

    على كل حال شكراً على مجهودك .disappointed

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    والله هذا موضوع قديم كنت كاتبه بالأنجليزية, أي موضوع كتبته من زمان فلذلك بالأنجليزية...

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    موضوع حلو وشوقتني للانمي
    ومشكور على المقدمه عجبتني

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    هلا والله فيك يا خووي

    مشكووور على الموووضوع الحلوو الله يعطيك العافية
    Thanks for the greetings my dear friend I appreciate it, and you are welcome anytime and I am glad you like it smile

    مشكـــور على الموضوع الرائع
    Thanks Kyo I appreciate it and you are welcome anytime

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    ماشاء الله عليك يا دارك gooood كل مواضيعك روعه

    ألف شكر لك اخوي الغالي smile gooood gooood

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    العفو أخوي زورو وشكرا على كلامك اللطيف, انشاء الله نشوف مواضيعك انت wink

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