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maybe most of you don't know what ..the l word..is...it's because the series is new and still showing in u.s.a and some of europe ,,or maybe for other reasons ..anyway
المسلسل لحد الان عرض منه 3 مواسم وحاليا الكاست منشغل بتصوير الجزء الرابع الذي سيعرض ب بداية 2007


this topic is very special because it's talking about a new and great show
it's about ....the L word..
this series is for and about WOMEN (all kind of women.)...
maybe some of you don't find that a very big deal ...but maybe some other find it very big one,,,just because the show is talking about women...
if you want to see the Lword
you should be free,open mind ,and love drama ....cose the show is talking about every lil thing and very interesting issues in a very free vision ,,,the show is get alot of interest..and notise just like other shows..like:lost,desperat housewives,and even the oc
because of the stories that it talking about

the story

it's about a group of women,friends and families....about the way that they live in los-angels,it's talk about: love,hate,life,die,cheat,funny ,drama...every thing..... Jenny (Mia Kirshner), a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, who moves to Los Angeles to marry her boyfriend Tim (Eric Mabius) and begin a professional writing career. Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Hollomon), who are looking to take the step into parenthood after seven years of dating.Marina (Karina Lombard), the owner of The Planet, the local coffeehouse that the ladies gather on a daily basis,. Other friends of Bette and Tina include Dana (Erin Daniels),shy girl, a rising tennis player looking for love despites having no dating experience; Alice (Leisha Hailey), a magazine writer whom just wants to find the love of her life; Shane (Katherine Moenning) is a hairdresser ,the plyer of the group,her code is don't do releationships

the cast: to be honest all the cast are beautiful women with lovely 2 guys

Credited cast:

Jennifer Beals .... Bette Porter

Erin Daniels .... Dana Fairbanks

Leisha Hailey .... Alice Pieszeck

Laurel Holloman .... Tina Kennard

Mia Kirshner .... Jenny Schecte

Sarah Shahi .... Carmen de la Pica Morales

Rachel Shelley .... Helena Peabody

Katherine Moennig .... Shane McCutcheon

Pam Grier .... Kit Porter
Karina Lombard .... Marina Ferrer (2004
Eric Mabius .... Tim Haspel (2004) >old

with :new in season2:
Eric Lively .... Mark Wayland (2005-) i



the cast are just like a family ...they are very close friends they always have dinner or go shopping or see movies togather ,but most of them are very previt...they don't talk to much about theire live

and when there is a show that's all the cast in it are women there are alot of rumers spacially in hollywood... who chatted on who..,who hates who. .like who sleeps with who ...who dates who....who is straight and who is not.... something like that ....but no one from the cast mention about that or even reply about a question like this

one of the main cast who is karina lombard had fired from the show for some reasons like she get a photo on playboy cover and she was talking about the other cast and the show in bad way


one of the main cast is a opnely gay who is liesha haily

.the other like jen beals,laurel holloman,erin danials, mia krishner, sarah shahi,rachel shelley,pam grier :all of them are straight the only one who didn't talk about this topic is katherine moennig ...she always said that it's her business and none of any one business..so she so previt

on of the main cast who is laurel holloman play a pregnant woman in season 2 ..and she was really pregnant in real life and she give her brith before the final episode


about the most famous character


the show is really makes a boom in u.s and europe .... people around the world are talking about it ...some of the characters take more interst than the other ... and people liked them so much ..like
katherine moennig who is play :shane....she got alot of talk about her on the internet .(and here i have to say that she deserve it..she is great)..she got million fans ,the most crazy thing that they did for her is a t-shirt that say:i'd go gay for shane!
the t-shirt has made by a group of girls in u.s.a ,(maybe she reminds them of theire bad boyfriends hehe) and the t-shart is sells like crazy on the internet...in 15 dollers

and then there is jennifer beals...who is play bette she is maybe the only big name on the show then come the others ..and yeah all the cast made a name for them self ....even it's not really that big ...but now..at lest all u.s know who they are ...

i hope you enjoy it ....

clips....just to watch:ENJOY UR SELF

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