اقدم لكم الانيمي الرائع ROD
النوع : اكشن - سحر - قوى خارقة
القصة :
Nerdy Yomiko Readman is obsessed with books. As "Agent Paper," she works for a secret branch of the British Library, where her power to telekinetically control paper helps her on missions to retrieve rare manuscripts and protect the world from evil. But all Yomiko really wants to do is read her new book. Unfortunately it has been stolen by the I-gin, clones of historical figures who believe Yomiko`s book holds the key to unlocking Beethoven`s lost "Death Symphony." Anyone who hears the tune is compelled to commit suicide, and the I-gin intend to broadcast it all over the world. Only Yomiko, along with fellow superagents Drake and Miss Deep, has a chance at stopping them

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