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  1. ●| Can't Live Without You |●


    I just seat here waiting for you come
    Every time when I remember our last talk
    I cry .. I cry .. and I am still crying a lot
    Not because I miss You so much
    It's Because I know You're not coming back again
    It's just right now when I know
    I really can't live without You
    I just can't live without you
    After your leaving I was lonely
    غير مصنف
  2. ●| I don't know what to do |●

    ●| I don't know what to do |●

    I complicated our lives
    By being like a sister to him
    I complicated our lives
    Now I'm losing my only friend
    I don't know why, I had to try
    Living my life on the other side
    Now I'm so confused
    I don't know what to do

    he was always with me , now he leave
    he leave me
    I started blurring the lines
    Because I didn't care
    I started crossing the line
    Cause he were never there
    غير مصنف
  3. ●| I wil forever stay your perfect ENEMY |●

    ●|We were friends, but you choose to stay away .. So no other choice just i have to be your perfect enemy |●

    Why should you go .. far away from me
    Why should you say goodbye .. and make me feel lonely
    I'm not pretending .. To make it simple
    I Try to be beside you .. to listen to your problem
    and You don't let me on
    I will never forget .. Things I loved before, they are now for sale
    You Keep yourself away .. Far away from me
    For that I'll forever
    غير مصنف

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