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22-11-2010, 07:45
Sand Classic UGG Boots – Stand out in Any Crowd This Year

Sand Classic UGG boots to have become some of the most searched items, in point of fact, should be, to a large extent, attributed to the perfect combination soft color with the classic look and feel. If you are searching for a pair of UGG boots in sand, following information will contribute a lot for women and girls this year.
Classic Tall - This is most definitely available in women's sizes but available kids' size for this shade may come in the colder months. They are the most popular version of the "Classic" Australian boots and can be worn straight up for a fashionable look or cuffed down for a shorter, mid to upper-calf casual look.
Classic Short - With mid-calf level, they can be folded over for a cuffed style. They also look great straight up the leg with jeans tucked in or worn with tights. Available in both women's and kids sizes - Toddlers sizes are available as well (and are adorable).
Bailey Button – Based on the Classic Short and Classic Cardy from UGG, they feature vertical openings on the sides with large button closures. Seriously fashionable, they show off the inner soft lining of the boots quite nicely.
Classic Mini - These are available for women only. Perhaps they have been discontinued from the permanent UGG Classic collection, but can still be found in places online. Just above the ankle, they are really a good choice for ladies who like a shorter boot to wear under jeans or pants, indeed.
The softest, most romantic appearance, in my personal opinion, the styles are nothing short of gorgeous this year! Stand out in any crowd in a flash leaving admiring and envious eyes!

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