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عرض كامل الموضوع : تعلم اليابانية (الجزء الاول)

المغامر الشجاع
12-07-2005, 14:10
مرحبا جميعا أقدم لكم هذا الوضوع وهو يتناول كل النواحي للغة اليابانية :

الدرس الاول
اقدم لكم الكلمات اليابانية بمعانيها الانجليزية والعربية
وهي التحية polite تعني للناس اللي اكبر منك friendly تعني للاصدقاء

-GOOD MORNING (صباح الخير)
"OHAYOU GOZAIMAS" (polite) おはよございます
"OHAYOU" (friendly) おはよう

"KON NICHIWA" (polite & friendly) こんんいちわ

-GOOD EVENING (مساء الخير)
"KON BAN WA" (polite & friendly) こんばんわ

-HOW ARE YOU? (كيف حالك؟)
"O GENKI DESUKA?" (polite) おぎんきですか
"GENKI?" (friendly) げんき

-FINE (تمام، بخير)
"GENKI DESU" (polite) げんきです
"GENKI" (friendly) げんき

-HOW DO YOU DO? (تشرفنا)
"HAJIME MASHITE" (polite & friendly) はじめまして

- I am (name) (انا فران)
"WATASHI WA (name) DESU" (polite) わたしわさぃほです
"(name) DESU" (friendly) さぃほです

-(it's better to say this after introducing yourself)
"YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMASU" (polite) よろしくおねがぃします
"YOROSHIKU" (friendly) よろしく
<- there's no exact translation, but it means like "let's have good friendship/relation"...?
anyway good meaning. We usually (or definitely) say there words when we meet someone
at first time or when someone introduces you someone else for the first time.

-SEE YOU (if on the chat) (نكلم بعدين، نشوف بعدين)
"MATA HANASHIMASHO" (polite) <- means "let's chat again" またはなしましょ
"MATANE" (friendly) またね

-BYE (باي)
"JAANE" (friendly) (اذا، حياك)
"BYE BYE" (friendly)
"SAYONARA" (polite & friendly) <- it's used for "wada3", too

KUMO (cloud) غيم
KUMO (spider) عنكبوت

AME (rain) مطر
AME (candy) حلاوة

Those are the same writing but "KANJI" charactor is different, and pronounciation as well.

WHAT IS YOUR NAME ? (ما اسمك؟)
"ONAMAE WA NANDESUKA?" (polite) おなまえわなんですか
"ONAMAE WA?" (friendly) おなまえわ

- WHO ARE YOU? (من حضرتك؟/من انت؟)
"ANATA WA DARE DESUKA?" (polite) あなたわだれですか
"DARE DESUKA?" (polite) だれですか
("DARE?" (friendly) <- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.) だれ

- WHEN? (متى؟)
"ITSU DESUKA?" (polite) いつですか
("ITSU?" (friendly) <- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.) いつ

- WHAT? (ماذا؟/شو؟)
"NAN DESUKA?" (polite) んあんですか
"NANI DESUKA?" (polite) なにですか
("NANI?" <- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.) なに

- WHICH? (ايّ؟)
"DORE DESUKA?" (polite)- Among many things or 2 things どれですか
"DOCHIRA DESUKA?" (polite) - Among 2 things どちちらですか
("DOCCHI?" (friendly)<- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.) どっち

- WHERE? (اين؟/وين؟فين؟)
"DOKO DESUKA?" (polite) どこですか
("DOKO?" (friendly)<- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.))

- I'M FROM U.A.E. (انا من الامارات)
"WATASHI WA U.A.E. KARA DESU" (polite) わたしわいえせらええぉ

- WHERE ARE YOU FROM? (من اين انت؟)
"ANATA WA DOKO KARA DESUKA?" (polite) あなたわどこからですか
"DOKOKARA?" (friendly)<- it's not recommended to use for someone who you meet/speak at the first time.) どこから

- THIS (هذا،هذه)
"KORE" これ
- THAT (ذلك، تلك)
"SORE" / "ARE" <- Please don't pronounce like English (<- like soooo, aaaaa) それ
"SO" is one letter () and "RE" is another one letter ()
"A" is one letter () and "RE" is another one letter ()

Place (مكان)

- HERE (هنا)
"KONO BASHO" このばしょ
"KOKO" ここ

-THERE (not nearby you but not far) (هناك)
"SONO BASHO" そのばしょ
"SOKO" そこ

-THERE (far from you) (هناك)
"ANO BASHO" あのばしょ
"ASOKO" あそこ

|| o o o

↑you ↑koko (near) ↑soko (little bit far) ↑asoko (far)

- REALLY? (حقا؟)
"HONTOU DESUKA?" (polite) ほんとうですか
"HONTOU?" (friendly) ほんとう
"HONTONI?" (friendly) ほんとに
"HONTO?" (friendly) ほんと

-IS THAT SO? (ا هو كذلك؟)
"SO NANO DESUKA?" (polite) そなのですか
"SO DESUKA?" (polite) そですか
"SO?" (friendly) そ

"NARUHODO" (polite) なるほど
"HEEEEE" (friendly) へえええ
"HUUUUN" (friendly) ふうううん

"SUGOI DESUNE" (polite) すごいですね
"SUGOI NE" (friendly) すごいね
"SUGOI" (friendly) すごい

- Mr. xx

xx SAN" (general) さぃほさん
"xx KUN" (in case the person is younger than you or your friend)
"xx CHAN" (in case the person is child (around 5 years old or less)
- Mrs. or Ms. or Miss xx
"xx SAN" (general)
"xx CHAN" (in case the person is younger than you or your friend or around 5 years old or less)

How to call someone (ضمير)

-ME (انا)
"WATASHI" (general, polite) わたし
"BOKU" (for male only) ぼく
"ORE" (for male only- not polite -to friends only) おれ

YOU(انتَ، انتِ)
"xx SAN" (if you know his/her name, it's better to use elder people or to who you don't know well)
"ANATA" (general..actually this is polite but depends on the situation, it doesn't sound polite)
"KIMI" (for younger people or friends)
(There's also "ANTA"(same as Arabic!!) but in Japanese language, this "ANTA" is not polite way, please be careful(It's used when someone try to fight/debate with someone else. However it's widely used when wife calls her husband, and in this case, this is NOT rude(not unpolite)..strange??)

-YOU (انتم، انتن)
"ANATA GATA" (polite) あなたがた
"ANATA TACHI" (polite-to younger people) あなたたち
"KIMI TACHI" (to younger people/friends) きみたち

"WATASHI TACHI" (polite) わたしたち
"WARE WARE" (usulally used only when we we call ourselves "officially")
"BOKU TACHI" (for young people-male only)
"BOKU RA" (less polite-male only)
"ORE TACHI" (among friends only-male only)
"ORE RA" (sounds less polite than "ORE TACHI"-male only)





desu=is, are, am..i.e. same as "be"
wa= there's no word in language(arabic) but it's important to construct sentence.

for example

watashi wa saher desu 'انا ساهر

Anata wa Ahmad desu (You are Ahmad)
Kare wa Abdullah desu (He is Abdullah)
Kanojo wa Maryam desu (She is Maryam)
Ahmad-san wa genki desu (Mr. Ahmad is fine)

YES (نعم)
"HAI" (general) はい
"UN" (for friends) うん

- YES, IT, IS ( نعم هو/ هي. ايه، نعم)
"HAI SOU DESU" (general & polite)
"UN SOU DAYO" (for friends)
"UN SOU" (for friends - less polite)
"SOU DAYO" (for friends - less polite(almost same as "UN SOU")
"SOU" (for friends - less less polite)

- NO (لا)
"I I E" (general)
"UUN" (for friends) ううん

- NO, IT ISN'T (لا مو هو/هي)
"IIE, SOU DEWA ARIMASEN" (general & polite)
"IIE, CHIGAI MASU" (general & polite)
"UUN, CHIGAUYO" (for friends - less polite)
"CHIGAUYO" (for friends - less polite)
"SOU JANAIYO" (for friends - less polite)
"SOU JANAI" (for friends - less less polite)

0 = Rei
1 = Ichi
2 = Ni
3 = San
4 = Yun
5 = Go
6 = Rok
7 = Nana
8 = Hachi
9 = Kyuu
10 = Juu

and i will try to get more numbersspeling for you in sha Allah

100 hyaku
[hjaku] &Eacute;´ one hundred
1,000 sen
[sen] &Agrave;é one thousand
1 0000
[man] &Euml;ü ten thousand
1 0000 0000
[oku] ²¯ one hundred million
1 0000 0000 0000
[cho:] &Atilde;û one trillion
one billion

12 () juu ni ½½&AElig;&oacute;
20 ni juu &AElig;&oacute;½½
23 ni juu san &AElig;&oacute;½½»°
45 yon juu go > si juu go »&Iacute;½½¸&THORN;
78 nana juu hachi > sichi juu hachi ¼•½½&Egrave;¬
98 kyuu juu hachi ¶&aring;½½&Egrave;¬
123 () hyaku ni juu san &Eacute;´&AElig;&oacute;½½»°
234 ni hyaku san juu yon &AElig;&oacute;&Eacute;´»°½½»&Iacute;
678 roppyaku nana juu hachi &Iuml;»&Eacute;´¼•½½&Egrave;¬
876 happyaku nana juu roku &Egrave;¬&Eacute;´¼•½½&Iuml;»
1,234 () sen ni hyaku san juu yon &Agrave;é&AElig;&oacute;&Eacute;´»°½½»&Iacute;

2,345 ni sen san byaku yon juu go &AElig;&oacute;&Agrave;é»°&Eacute;´»&Iacute;½½¸&THORN;

12,345 1 2345
ichi man ni sen san byaku yon juu go

12,345,678 1234 5678
() sen ni hyaku san juu yon man go sen roppyaku nana juu hachi
123,456,789 1 2345 6789
ichi oku ni sen san byaku yon juu go man roku sen nana hyaku hachi juu kyuu
-1 mainasu ichi (minus one) ¥&THORN;¥¤¥&Ecirc;¥¹°&igrave;
1+2=3 ichi tasu ni wa san
('wa' is 'ha' in Hiragana) °&igrave;&Acirc;*¤¹&AElig;&oacute;¤&Iuml;»°
3-2=1 san hiku ni wa ichi
('wa' is 'ha' in Hiragana) »°°&uacute;¤¯&AElig;&oacute;¤&Iuml;°&igrave;
2*3=6 ni kakeru san wa roku
('wa' is 'ha' in Hiragana) &AElig;&oacute;³&Yacute;¤±¤ë»°¤&Iuml;&Iuml;»
6/3=2 roku waru san wa ni
('wa' is 'ha' in Hiragana) &Iuml;»³&auml;¤ë»°¤&Iuml;&AElig;&oacute;
7/3=2, 1 nana waru san wa ni, amari ichi
('wa' is 'ha' in Hiragana)

أرجو التعليق ::جيد::

12-07-2005, 14:49
شكراً المغامر الشجاع على الموضوع المميز
تعبناك معانا

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12-07-2005, 15:41
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المغامر الشجاع
12-07-2005, 17:47
مرحباااا لقد سمعتها من قبل إنها ليست إذاعة بل دروس على شكل اذاعة عل كل حال

13-07-2005, 10:05
thanks a lot

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04-01-2006, 08:11
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<<< قالت قصه حياتها ......... :D :p

المهم .....
انا انطق الحروف كذا ......

1 : ني
2 : صن
3 : تشي
4 : GO
5 : ريك
6 : تشيتش
7 : هاتش
8: كو
9: تشو
10: جوب

بس غير نطق الارقام اللي عندك ...... ::مغتاظ::
انا بس ابس اتأكد كذا النطق صح ؟؟ ::مغتاظ::
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مجهووود رائع ومشكور ..
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