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Open Book
23-08-2010, 22:50
Hi every one
today i got nothing to talking about
it's my first time to make this topic
allright guys let me definesing my self to you

i'm melly 21 age studing IT in california college USA
i got 2 bros one sis and i 4th them
now i'm leaving with my big bro in KSA just in RAMADAN month after that we will back home
we've a nice apartment in MECCA so i think we gonna enjoy with it god welling
i will praying to everyone i know may god accept our fasting .. Amen

this is me Melly
:) bye bye

Open Book
24-08-2010, 14:26
i like designing
it's looks like piece of cake
so from now i will designing all the time when i be free
ok i'm gotting course from some one amaizing called 100X
he is good and learing well so he asked us to design simple website
that's why i did this design check out


what you think ? cool right
ok now i will send it to the home topic
:تدخين: thanx

Open Book
05-09-2010, 01:19