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ŕ—÷ Ŗ«„Š «Š„ś÷śŕ : Angel: the human beneath

16-11-2004, 10:21
The Autherís Note

When I started Angel, I wanted to revive an idea most writers had forgotten. Romance happens to ordinary people; these people are not extremely beautiful or smart. Yet, they are special in their own way. Thatís at leas what I think! Whatís so romantic in loving beautiful perfect people? To love is to overcome the otherís flaws and love them in spite of their defects. In fact, perfect people are so adorable that I actually hate their guts! Gosh! God help those who love perfect people! How can a normal person smile angelically twenty-four hours a day? what do you think perfect people think when they hear something silly? They think nothing! Ďcause itís not polite to think badly of people! That gives me the creeps! Eew!
However, some might think that Suzie, the heroine, is me. In some way, it is true. It is not my biography; it is what I imagined my life would be in another place in another time. I only claim Suzie's way of thinking anything else is her story, not mine and not yours.
I want to thank all of my friends and loved ones who helped me. Even though they do not know they did.
Untill now, I did not have the courage to show my work to any one except a chosen few. When people read my story, I want them to enjoy it without digging too deep into it. It is not a novel; it is something to read to cheer you up, to pretend for some time that the world still has romance.
The world is not romantic anymore. Yet, there are few people who are. I dedicate this story to them. Please, do not let the world beat you.

~.Lady Swan .~
AKA (also known as)

16-11-2004, 10:22
Central Characters:

The Michles (James + Nadine):
Sara ŗ Mrs. Robert Sabbata

The Elroys (Ronald + Teresa):

Suzieís Friends:
Amy Dawson
Bessie ŗ Elizabeth Lee
Becky ŗ Rebecca Montgomery
Jenny ŗ Jennifer Bradshaw ŗMrs. Ken Williams
Maria Rasher
Nancy Goodman

Justinís Friends:
Al ŗ Alfred Owen

The Michles Cousins:
Ames + Hanna
Terry + May
Rosa + Sibyl

16-11-2004, 10:25

I was waiting for my bus when I first noticed him. Justin was the oldest son of our neighbor. As I heard, he was in his last year at college. I looked at him absentmindedly; he was nice looking and a little skinny. After some time, I realized he was looking at me questionably. I was so embarrassed and felt my blood rushing to my cheeks. I looked away hoping that he would just drive away and forget this ever happened.
I was on my second year at college but as naÔve as a schoolgirl about boys. I never had a boy friend and didn't expect to have one soon. It isn't that I'm ugly, it's just that I'm what could be called plum but most called fat. I donít hang out with guys because it makes me more self-conscience about my size. I'm more relaxed with girls, not just any girls, my gang only.
Other students call my gang the "cheez'it" because we always make them smile with our jokes as if they we going to have their picture taken. Our little gang has different levels of people. We have the brains, the dreamy, the beauty, the Miss neat, the mysterious, the cool and ofcourse me. I can't think of how people think of me but to the gang I'm the Child. I'm not a geek or the punk. I'm in between. Did I tell you my name? No? Ok, I'm Susan, Susan MichlesÖ nice to meet you!

16-11-2004, 10:33
The bus finally came. I got on and looked for my friend Bessie. I spotted her and went to sit by her side.
-"Hey, Suzie! What's up?"
-"Hi Bessie, oh nothing the usual, the birds, the clouds, the sunÖ"
-"Ok ok got the idea! Hehehehe. So, ready for the prom?"
I rolled my eyes. Can't people talk about any thing but that silly prom? The prom wasn't silly but no one asked me out. So, naturally I didn't want to talk about it.
-" The prom? I don't think I can go. You see, I Ö"
-"Donít sing this old song! It's so old I could get asthma! You donít have a date right? So what? I donít have one either! It's going to be only us. We'll act like nuts and no one will know that it was us. ĎCause it's a Masquerade Party. Come on, it will be fun!"
-" I don't know BessieÖ"
-"we'll leave before the time of taking-off the masks, believe me no one would know!"
-" please! Just this time"
-" oh alright, but only this time ok?!"
-" deal!" we shook hands on it and giggled.
-" what will you wear, Suze of El Macho?Ē calling me my old nick name that she has given me when we were on our first year because of my Spanish origin.
-"I didn't think of it yet, Abyss." I called her Abyss that meant a very deep valley which suited her for I never knew what she was thinking as if her mind was in a deep valley hidden from me.
-" look don't freak out, Ďcause I have an ideaÖ"
-"Abyss you know that I donít trust your ideasÖ but since this is all your idea Ö ok lets hear it."
-"we'll dress as Angel and DevilÖ"
-" no way! I didn't go much to such parties but even I know that it has been used a zillion times!"
-" have any better ideas?"
-"then, shut up!"
-"I will not!"
At this time the bus stopped at our station near the college.
-" ok tell you what, Suzie. Lets meat after you finish and go see what we see. Ok?"
-" ok. I finish at 2. Lets meat at Mc D's"
-"cool, see ya"
-"bye." We went our different paths to our lectures. I just know that this is a bad ideaÖ

It was 2 o'clock exactly when I reached Mc D's but to my surprise Bessie wasn't alone. She was talking to a guy. Now, I would never interrupt a conversation between any girl in my gang and a guy. So I used our secret code to check the pulseÖ I waited till she spotted me and touched my nose.(this meant "how well are you doing with him?") she touched her ear.(which meant "he is nothing and worst. He was boring") so I signaled her to go out and she nodded. I waited for her out side and she followed.
-"what was that all about? Bessie"
-"nothing!" too loudly for just an innocent answer. But, hey, who am I to judge?
-"umm so where do we start?" I asked to change the subject. I knew nothing about guys so why should I bother?
-"over there, that shop Every Time. Can you see it?"
-" yeah, well. I was thinking BessieÖ"
-"thinking! Thatís dangerous! Look we'll just go and see. You promised!"
I didn't promise but her eyes told me that she was desperate. So, I just closed my mouth hoping no mischief crosses our ways.
-"oh look! Suzie! Aint it gorgeous!" she was looking at the devil costumeÖ which gave me the assumption that she already chose it and nothing would change her mind.
-"ok Bessie. Stop drooling. Lets see it on you."
-"yippee! My best part of shopping!"
We went inside and Bessie headed strait to her costume asking the employee to get it to her.
-"your lucky Miss. Itís the last one."
-"you hear that, Suzie! Itís meant to be mine!" she then took it and got to the little chambers where she can change. I looked around wondering what outfit should I put on. I reached the back of the shop were they store the old costumes. What amazed me was that the lots of angels were put there.
-" the girls donít like to be angels no more. They think that it makes them look less sophisticated" I turned around to find the employee looking sadly at the costumes. He raised his gaze at me and continued "In my days, these were the best selling costumes Ö but what can I say? The customer is always right."
I smiled to him then looked back at the costumes. Well they are cheaper and would make this old man happier. So, whatís wrong with spending less money on things I will never wear again and in the same time cheering a poor soul?
-" ok I'll take one of the angels."
The man looked stunned. Then his whole face lit up.
-"I have a special one. Its really somethingÖ you'll see Miss. Real feathers tooÖ you'll love it!" the man disappeared inside to fetch it.
-" Suzie! I've been looking for you! How do I look?" the dress was really hot. Red suited Bessie and showed her best features and curves. Which of course made me more self-conscience.
-"you look really nice! I mean wicked! I must say, Bessie. The male population must be blind for not asking you out as a date.Ē Her expression changed. Then, her face was emotionless. All of that happened so quickly that I doubted it really happened.
-ďSuzie, I don't need the male population! They are boring. All they talk about is their football games and video games andÖ and silly stuff I donít even remember!" ok I didn't mean it to be criticism but obviously I hit a wound in her pride. I understand. I mean boys aren't fighting to win a look from me either. But it doesn't make me a less person. Or does it?
-" there Miss. It took me some time to find it but it is really gorgeous. As I said the feathers are real and you'll never see wings big like that without destroying the costume or giving trouble while walking" the dress was beautiful. But the dress wasn't what I was interested in. It was the mask. It was M-shaped. It looks like two little wings with two holes for the eyes covering almost all my face.
-" It really is lovely." The employee was pleased and went to wrap it up.
-"you know the angel thing will make you look like a pumpkin, Suzie"
-"who cares? No one knows me. so, why should I bother?" Bessie sighed.
-" ok, suit your self but I warned you."
-"who hears you, Bessie, wouldn't think that you were the one suggested it."
-"I Ö"
-"I know Bessie, you said that Ďcause you wanted the Devil outfit. Relax. I'm comfortable with the Angle as you are with the Devil." I said this cunningly. She broke into laughter after she got my message.
-"we're renting. So, it's not a continuous state. I'll try the devil's life. Who knows? I might like it."
-" you ARE the Devil."

-"are you ready, Suzie? "I looked at the mirror and sighed.
-"Bessie, I look awful!!"
she came into the room and walked around me while her Devil's tail swashed around whenever she moved.
-"you look nice, Suzie."
-"I look like a fat Cupid wearing some rags!"
-"thatís not true! You just look different from what youíre used to. Donít freak out! Really, you even look cute."
-"I'm too old to be cute."
-"I mean pure and innocent."
-"yeah I'd better go to the nunnery then!."
-"cool it off, Suze of El Macho! I'm not going to kill you. Trust me you look great."
-"as if I could trust a devil!"
-"hahaha not funny. Now donít be cynical. Boys donít like sarcastic chicks."
-"who said that I was aiming at boys!"
-"oh, you like girls more?"
-"whaaaaaÖ??" I looked at her and found her smiling. "Donít tease me, Abyss. I'm not in the mood." I sat on the bed hopelessly.
-"you know whatís your real problem, Suzie?"
-" I have a Devil for a best friend?"
-"whatís wrong with Devils? They have more fun!Ö. oooh lets just stick to the main question. Your problem. Now, you realize itís not the dress that makes you look awful."
-"yes I know. I'm fat."
-"no thatís not it. guess again"
-"my hair? It is rather ugly isn't it?"
-"nope, try again.."
-"it cant be my face Ďcause I'll cover it with the maskÖ oh my nose?" I looked at the mirror. " no way Bessie.. its what I most like in my face! Itís not too big or too small. Its great!"
-"oh Suzie cant you see? As Hamlet said 'there is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so.' You think you look awful. But in truth you look very pretty. Trust in your self. And if guys don't see how good you are then let them go to skinny girls whose idea of losing weight means getting rid of their brains Ďcause to them itís a useless addition. Which I must say is true. They are stupid."
-" I just realized something, Abyss."
-"what?" she looked at me smiling proudly.
-"Devils know how to talk." As I finished my sentence, a pillow hit me. "hey! what was that for!"
-"for being cynical and sarcastic. Now, let me fix your hair so we can go or we'll be late."

16-11-2004, 10:37
-"ok so we're at the party. Now, can we go home?" I looked at Bessie hopefully.
-"not so fast, Angel. The fun has just arrived!"
-"what? Where? I can't see it?"
-"too bad I donít have a pillow! I told you not to be cynical!"
-"yeah lucky meÖ you know, I have pillows at home.. you can use them!"
-"chill out, Angel. Donít fret so much!"
-"Bessie.. I mean Devil. look its lame! Itís crowded too."
-"donít say my name or I'll use yours and every one will know who you are! Ok? Itís better now that it's crowded. No one will care who we are."
-" ok so what do we do now?"
-" we dance!"
-" no way .. I don't know how!"
-" ok suit your self then. Sit at any placeÖ but me? I'll dance till I drop!" she matched words with action and danced her way to the dancing floor. I knew this was not a good idea! I sighed and walked to the food table to have something to drink. All this excitement made me thirsty.
At the table I could see almost every one. Outrageous costumes were every where. I saw medieval costumes, cartoon characters, vegetables, Vikings, eastern outfits, aliens, animals and almost every thing you could imagine. Actually, I just sat there gazing upon these costumes and observing those people who wore them. Some couples wore matching costumes but others didn't. like there was Donald Duck dancing with a Stone-age girl. Now, that's something you don't see every day. There also was a vote for best costume and I voted for the Mermaid girl.
Some time passed, but I didn't know what time it was because Angels donít wear watches as Bessie said. I looked for my friend but she was busy dancing with some French sailor. I sighed. This was becoming really boring. I had no one to talk to.
Suddenly, there was a commotion between the crowds. Loud laughs could be heard and I think I heard some one reading poetry. I couldnít believe it. so, I looked more at that group and realized that there really was some one reading poetry, a guy wearing a Shakespearian outfit. I wasnít sure but I think it was Romeo. Until now, I thought that this was quite amusing. But as I was watching the scene silently, the Romeo guy started moving towards me while shouting about finally founding his Juliet. I was frantic! This canít be happening to me. I looked behind me. perhaps he is talking to some one else. But no one was behind me. worse, every one was looking at me. I looked for Bessie. This is all your fault, Bessie! Save me! but alas, she was perhaps one of the few who werenít looking. Ok, Suzie. Don't freak. It would make everything worse. God! I hate you Bessie. Now concentrate. What is that guy saying!
-"my love! I've found you at last! Why didn't you come last night? I waited hours for you!"
There was a last night??? The guy must have mistaken me with some one else. Though I must admit I never thought that people my size had "last night" stuff going on.
*-" I think Romeo, that you have mistaken me with some one else. I'm not Juliet."
-"and who are you?"
-"I'm ÖuhÖ" what WAS my name? ďmy name is Angel."
-"thatís it! thatís my Love's name! She is Angel!" with this he grabbed my hand. Oh great, the first time a guy takes my hand in his was by mistake.
-"I donít even know you!"
-"sure you do! Here, the proof of my love! I gave you this ring remember?" this was it. he was bluffing! I personally made this heart-shaped ring in an art class two years ago! No way could there be another ring like it. he was making fun of me in front of all his buddies!
-grrrrrrrrrr! ok, Suzie donít show your anger or confusion. That would only make him happier.
-So , what should I do?
Think, God damn it! what would people on TV act like?
Ö um they go along crushing the enemy with their own freaking lie?
Excellent! Now, apply this here!
Oook if I say so.
Meanwhile, Romeo was saying things about his love:
-"Ö and my love is bigger than the seven seas. I whispered it more than rain dropt over a tropical forest. The sun shuns when you come for you are goodness personified Ö"
-"oh yeah. I remember now. Yes I'm the Juliet girl. " I acted along.
-"you poor thing! The Evil Master must have brainwashed you!" he was amused that I went along with his lie.
-'' yes. It was awful! "
-"I know, my love! That mean old Evil Master is a wicked person." He hugged me while saying this. Enjoy while you can, Romeo. Ďcause I'm blowing your victory.
-"did you kill her, Romeo!"
-"kill? Who?"
-"duh! The Evil Master! Your mother!" he was completely in shock. People cheered at the development of events. Mothers are always everyone's weak spot. This will dull his thinking while I make fun of HIM!
-"my mother?!?!"
-"oh my God! Youíre in denial! You poor thing!"
-"my mother has nothing to do with this!"
-"then she must've brainwashed you as well." The crowd roared with laughter. Perhaps I look weak, Romeo. But I can make you hate the minute you were born. TV teaches lots of things these days. And you better realize that being a bully is NOT a good thing!
-"I can't kill my mother! I love her!"
-" oh? And where did all your love-talk about me? your mother is Evil and I'm goodness personified, you said it your self! it seems to me that you love your Evil too much! Thus, I must leave you now to dwell in your Evil. Good bye!" I saw people I didnít know raising a thumb up and "you go, girl!" being said while I rushed to the girls room. I think I'm going to throw up!

It took me some time in the rest room to gather my thoughts. I had to focus on what had just happened and believe that I actually did it! I felt happy at first but when I thought more of it I felt a little guilty. Those people who I thought were his buddies were the same people who cheered me. I donít think that they WERE his friends. He probably thought, like Bessie, that its fun to dress up and go have a blast without anyone knowing you. And perhaps I looked a little lonely and he thought that I might enjoy some attention. Oh God, I so suck!
I looked at the mirror and suddenly remembered a proverb :"if dreams were horses then the riders would be the fools." I certainly was a fool. What was I thinking? Why did I come here? I just kicked my chance of having fun! I want to go homeÖ I took a deep breath and decided to wait for Bessie somewhere quiet with no people.
I headed strait to the gardens, sure that no one would go there unless if they were going to the parking lot where I intended to meet Bessie getting out of the place to her car. Unfortunately, she was my ride home. I sat by a tree almost hidden from passers-by.
-"hi." Some one said behind me. I turned around to find that it was no other than Romeo.
-"oh no its you!" I stood up planning to leave.
-"no, please, stay." I looked at him and sat down silently. I could see that he also had trouble talking. So I acted busy looking at the ground.
-"look, I .. uh.. I'm sorry for what happened back there." He pointed vaguely at the back. ďIím usually not like this at all. you know. People do strange things when they're drunk."
-"you were drunk?" I said amazed how can a person sober so fast.
-"no I actually wasn't." he smiled.
I chuckled. I couldnít help it. that poor guy was trying to apologize to me. me! I'm the one who should be apologizing. So, I decided to go easy on him. Perhaps, then, he would be easy on me when I apologize.
-" so why did you hint that you were?"
-" I was getting to my point when you interrupted me."
-"ops. Sorry, please continue."
-" well. Ehm you know what people say about drunk people? They say: they weren't them selves and I wasn't my self. I was acting Romeo."
-" and where was the real Juliet?"
-"there was no Juliet."
-"can I ask you something?"
-"yeah sure."
-"why did you choose me out of all those other girls?"
-"yes, Please."
-"well. For one thing, you didn't have a date who would kill me the minute I said a thing to you."
-"uh-huhÖ and?"
-"and I was bored."
-"yes. Aha! So kill me."
-"no, thanks. I already did." We laughed.
-" you're ok, Angel."
-"you're not that bad your-self, Romeo."
-"it's Justin Elroy." He took off his mask offering his other hand for me to shake it. Oh my God! Justin! our neighbor! I want to die!
-"..uh .. nice to meet you, Justin." I shook his hand and let go of it as quickly as possible.
-" and you are miss?"
-"me? I'mÖ" at this minute the big bells rang, which only meant one thing. It was 12 o'clock.
-"Cool! the bells! Ok Angel off with your mask. Itís the rules. hehe "
Ok. Donít panic. Act natural. God! This never sounded so absurd! How can you act naturally? Oh who cares how ridiculous this is. I'm in deep shit!
-"well, choose either my name or my face, Justin." Ok good stall him.
-"this is a difficult choice."
-"is it?" oh please God! Lend me courage!
-"I chooseÖ" I heard noise coming from the bushes behind us and suddenlyÖ
-"SuÖ I mean Angel! What are you doing here!" Bessie looked at me with wonder. Her cheeks were flushed, her mask was off and the French sailor was still with her. Apparently, she was drunk. Not from punch Ďcause I drank from it. it must've been something else.
-"so what do you know! Hick! You really have an Angel for a friend. Hick!Ē the drunk sailor wasn't better off then my friend. Justin looked at me earnestly.
-"can I choose now?" oh God! Please let him ask for my name! I can easily lie about it!
-"yeah sure." I looked at Bessie. She was laughing hard at something her companion said.
-"your face." Oh god! Why! Ok ok keep your face strait. Smile politely. Then, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!

16-11-2004, 10:38
I slowly took off my mask. Not daring to look him in the eyes.
-"well perhaps angels have no names. Just beautiful faces. You look familiar though." I wasn't sure of what I heard. So I looked up at him. He was smiling. How can I answer this? I never was good in getting complements.
-"I see that you really have a poet in side you. It wasn't all an act." He gave a soft chuckle.
-"actually, I spent 2 hours learning those lines you heard." I laughed. Weird. Usually, as I heard, guys try to impress girls not to tell them their weak points. I looked for Bessie. This is time to go home but where was she?
-"well, I'm sure that they will be useful for you in the futureÖ I'm sorry but I've got to go save a friend." I said this as I saw Bessie getting in to the sailor's car.
I ran as fast as I could not caring how funny I looked. Bessie, this is the last time I go with you any where!
-"Bessie what the heck do you think your doing!" I was vexed at both of them. How could she get so drunk! And how dare he take advantage of that situation.
-"hay sister! No preaching allowed!" he laughed at his own silly joke. While Bessie could only give one stupid answer. "what?" I sighed. She didn't know whatís going on.
-"BessieÖ this isn't your car."
-"it isn't?" she tried to focus but was too drunk to think.
-"then how come I'm in it?"
-"come, Bessie. I'll take you home."
-"yes. I feel sick." She opened the door to get off but the guy suddenly caught her arm.
-"hey wait a sec! She's coming with me!"
-"get your hands off her you freak!" I pulled Bessie who at the moment was half asleep. What should I do now! I heard someone behind me say:
-"Let the lady go!" the voice was familiar so I looked around. It was Justin.
-"hey man. She wants this!" the sailor said to defend him self.
-"yeah. I can see that she is all excited about it." I nodded to my friend who was sleeping.
-" who wants to do it with her any ways!" the guy shut the car door and dashed a way in a split second.
I looked at Justin gratefully.
-"thanks man."
-"no problemo! Here, let me help you with your friend. Where's your car?"
-"oh its ok. I can carry her."
-"no she's asleep. She wonít co-operate with you. I'm usually the designative driver. I know these things." To prove this. He sled his arm under Bessieís arm pit , held her hand from behind his neck and placed his other hand on her waist. I imitated him, obviously this was the easiest way.
-"the car is over there." I nodded to the other side of the parking lot and we started headed to it. though I must say that we made a sight; An Angel and Romeo helping a Devil.
When we got to the car, I was exhausted. I started searching in Bessieís pockets for the car keys. Finally, I found it. I opened the door and placed her in side it. then I turned around to face Justin. To whom I was grateful but didn't know what to say.
-"thank you Justin. I couldnít have done it with out your help."
-"you could have done it with out me. I just came to get a second chance to talk to you." He smiled. What can you say to answer something like that. I didn't know what to say.
-"I better go now. Itís already late. I have to drive her home."
-"yes. An Angel's work is never done. Right?" I laughed.
-"yeah. I'd better hurry to save a cat from committing a suicide. Hehehe."
-"bye Angel."
-"bye Justin."
I drove the car towards Bessieís house. Glad that my dad insisted on teaching me how to drive and giving me a car for my 20th birthday or else I'd had to go by a cab which is dangerous at night.
I stopped to buy water and dangled Bessieís face from the window and splashed the water on her.
-"cough! Hey, whatís the big idea?"
-"good now Bessie are you awake?"
-"yeah.. where am I?" she looked around confused.
-"I didnít want you to get in the house all drunk. Your mom would skin me alive!"
-"yeah whateverÖ "
-"are you ok Bessie? You look pale."
-"no I feel sickÖ I think I'm gonna puke.." she opened her door and started throwing up. I waited, disgusted by the sounds. Until she stopped and heard her panting.
-"Here, clean your-self with this napkin and there is some water left you can drink It." she did as I asked and settled in to the car.
-"thanks, Suze. I owe you oneÖ god ! I have a mega headache!"
-"serves you right!" I was mad at her. But I could never drive when I'm mad. So, I started thinking of something else to let my anger fade away.
God those wings are killing me. I wish that I could take them off. But they do look nice. I must admit that. Justin was nice, too. I didn't expect him to help me. but that doesn't mean he likes me. he was doing the honorable thing for a poor fat girl and a clumsy friend. The good thing that he didn't know me. yes he said that I looked familiar but he doesn't really remember me. at this point I got to Bessieís house. She was holding her head in pain. I couldnít help but pity her.
-"your home, Bessie."
-" I know. Thanks again Suzie."
-"hey what are friends for! Here are your car keys. Donít be late for college tomorrow.
-"you think I'm stupid to go to a party if I had lectures the other day? I got tomorrow off." She walked away. Ok Suzie this means your stupid. And donít I just know it!