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^_^ naKItu ^_^
14-06-2008, 15:07
HELLO again

this TIME

emo poems

hope u like it

angry hands meet just service
freedom comes to soon for one so long a sin
trapped in a fortress feeling as if norm
can destroy the demon
unleash you strong
cannot accept fate as is
I will save you
this I promise
this battle not to be sung
to keep so i do not insure
to sink as low as this rachete foe
family he claims but by blood this only true
but actions show nothing but a demented shrew

the 2nd one

inside this depth of betrayl
consumed by your fear
deflowered by your hate
how can i stand up to you
when all you do is push me down
call me names
and yet
i do
seems like always
i come crawling back to you
and as i lay
forever knowing
that you're the one
one to protest me
detest me
forget me

the 3rd
As I sit
I think of you
Feeling guilty
For loving you
Days of loneliness
Days of sorrow
Days of sadness
That led to heartache and pain
In which I think I may never again recover
Feeling ever so pitiful
I can’t help myself though
I just can’t seem to get over you
I utterly hate you
And yet I’m hopelessly infatuated with you
But I feel like darkness trapped in the dead of light
No where to hide
But in itself
A place where there is no admittance
Fear seems to feel like home
Love the enemy
Am I not worth it?
Worth you taking admiration of me
It hurts
The sight of you in the arms of another
Do you do it in spite?
Just make me hurt
Sometimes I think I might end my time here
But then
Back to reality I come
And back to darkness I return
It’s sick
How good I feel when I think of death
Just to rid myself of you
And it’s extremely gruesome
How I plan your demise
If only you knew
My wicked mind is even too much for me at times
But the just of it is. . .
It is you
The one that broke me
And it will be you
To know how it feels
To be stuck here
Inside my world
With no fucking way out
Wanting to be somewhere else
But not being able to move
Wanting to feel just the smallest amount of happiness
And only feeling unwanted
Wanting to be the only one
And feeling like the only one left out
And in the end
It will be me that saves your soul

the 4rth one today is almost as grim as yesterday
i feel absolutely sick
i have the feeling of depression
sinking me and pounding me into the ground
it almost a blur
almost a constsnt darkness
how can you push me to the edge
thump me on the forehead
causing me to collapse into this abyss
forcing me to lose control
wile your gaining something in return
feeling torn down
wore out
and beat up
and still i sit here
almost in a trance
looking past you in denial
i almost come flying bak
almost hav feelings of hope
always almost
never sure of anything
just almost

the 5th one

This mask I wear,
she serves me well,
she hides my pain,
so they can't tell.

They see her smile,
never my tears,
she shows no sorrow,
she fights all my fears.

They believe she is me,
if only they knew,
that she is my mask,
my saviour too.

My scars she hides,
behind laughter and lies,
she say's she is fine,
but slowly she dies.

continue after ur replay

^_^ naKItu ^_^
14-06-2008, 15:19
Duh ? :(

15-06-2008, 12:03
hi ^^

wow so much feelings in this word

but it wont be like this all your life so keep having hope for tomorrow

see ya

^_^ naKItu ^_^
15-06-2008, 17:30
hi ^^

wow so much feelings in this word

but it wont be like this all your life so keep having hope for tomorrow

see ya

hiya =3

lolz yea ><

life is HARD u know... .

02-08-2008, 21:09
it's have alot of sadness & a good meaning, too

03-08-2008, 08:35

i like it ^_^

^_^ naKItu ^_^
11-08-2008, 14:49

i like it ^_^

thanx for ur reply <3

(نورس الأمل)
11-08-2008, 15:43
heey this topic itُ s so so cool >>> Thinx sweety

^_^ naKItu ^_^
25-08-2008, 15:37
np ^.^

25-08-2008, 15:45
yup it's very very cool
thank u
::جيد::and see u

لخبطة مشاعر
29-08-2008, 19:39
that was so sad XxX full of emotions XxxxX i wish that ican poem like them XxxxX my life is meseryable

^_^ naKItu ^_^
08-09-2008, 01:36
uh samessss dude o.o anyways thankies for passing by cutie <3