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عرض كامل الموضوع : The Journey Back Home

23-04-2004, 18:58

اهلا ..

اليوم اشارككم بقصة من تأليفي ..

ارجو ان تعجبكم ..

ملاحظة ..

وضعت هذا الموضوع في قسم العام لانني لا اعرف ان كان سيرد على احد في القسم الآخر

والآن اتركم مع احداث هذه القصة ..

وتدعى ..


The Journey Back Home

I will never forget the night I had to stay in a cave. It was the 20th of June 1999, the day the school had planned a camping trip to study bugs. In the middle of the night, I woke up from a scary noise outside my tent and I spotted a wild wolf near by. I ran away quickly, but the wolf was following me. I kept on running until I saw a cave and I hid in it.
It was really dark in there; I could barley see my own hands. I was in that dark, cold cave for days, and if I thought of getting out I would see that wolf again. I was really thirsty and starving. There was nothing that could be eaten. I hoped everybody was looking for me, and I didn’t even know where I was! Days were passing and I was still inside. I even lost the count of the days.
I would be that girl Parvana in the Breadwinner. It was similar to my story. One day, I discovered that someone was in the cave with me, but I didn’t know who it was. I was sure about it when I found some fruits and vegetables in front of my eyes. If I met that person I would thank him because if it wasn’t for him I would have been dead. After eating all the food, I was sick at night. I thought maybe I ate too much food after not eating anything. Some day I hope to get out of there, and I hoped that day would come soon.
I finally met the other person. Her name was Sara and she was a biologist. Sara told me her story. She was looking for a fossil and suddenly a wolf was running after her too. Sara's arm was hurt. That was the reason that led her to hide in that cave. She expected to be gone for days, so she had all kinds of food with her.

Food was running out and we were starving. Sara suggested we should go out and explore the place. We went exploring that day and we found out that there was a huge forest around us that was filled with dangerous animals. Every day we would get closer to the edge, but we were still hoping to get out as fast as we could. We had to face all kinds of danger to just pass the first quarter, which took us about five days. It was the beginning of an exciting journey.
We crossed the half of the forest, but it was raining. We hid behind a huge pine tree. The rain didn’t stop for three days. I wondered how long it would keep raining. I was thinking about my mother, my father, my sister, and my brothers. Sara went to get us some food, but she was hurt and I had to take care of her. The rain finally stopped, and the weather was cool. She felt better so we continued our journey.
"I think we are near the end," I said. There was my country, I was back where I belonged. Sara was from another country. "This is where we split, It was nice meeting you and getting to know you. I hope we meet again." I said.
I had been informed that the other children who went camping were all dead. They had been attacked by the wolf while they were looking for me. I felt really bad for their parents. If it wasn’t for Sara I would be dead too. I also learned that Sara was a famous biologist, she was Sara Macklin, but to me she was a hero and a dear friend.

The End

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23-04-2004, 23:43

f 8z from ur mind :rolleyes: i can say 8z coooooooooool

tnx 2 u


24-04-2004, 14:35

اشكركــــــــــــ ,,

على ردك ..

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15-05-2004, 22:55
مشكوره على القصه رغم اني من جمبها في الانجليزي بس مشيت حالي سلام

ذاكرة القمر
15-05-2004, 23:17
قصة جميييلة جدا ولكن أرجو أن تكتبها بالعربية
thanks but you should writi this story by arabic
اعلم أنني لست جيدا في الإنجليزي ولكن تستطيع فهم ما أقوول

16-05-2004, 16:20
اهلا ..

اشكركم على ردودكم ..

يمكنكم الحصول على الترجمة من هذا الموقع


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