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عرض كامل الموضوع : على الطياره

18-11-2001, 22:37
Two business men seated on an airplane noticed a Muslim man sitting
in front of them.

One of the men says to the other with a wink: "I was going to go to
Africa until I found out that half the country is Muslim, so I don't
want to go there".


The other man says, "We'll how about Saudia Arabia then?"
The first man says: "No way, Saudia Arabia is loaded with those
Muslims too."


The other man suggests a trip to the U.S. but his companion
says: "The Muslims have spread out over the whole country;every time
I turn around there I bump into one."


The men are watching and can see that the Muslim man is fidgeting and
getting kind of agitated about their conversation.
The fella who started the teasing decides to really get him mad and
says: " I really wanted to go to Pakistan? but that place is crawling
with Muslims"


At this, the Muslim man has had it and finally turns around in his
seat and sweetly says to the men, "Why don't you both go to hell? I
hear that there aren't any Muslims there!"

14-08-2007, 05:25
تكلم عربي ياخوي

14-08-2007, 05:34
بس شكرا

14-08-2007, 05:44
حلوة(القصه ان في رجالين اعمال على الطيارة وقدامهم واحد مسلم الاول قال كنت بروح افريقيا بس لما عرفت ان نص ابلاد مسلمين بطلت قاله ليه ما تروح سعوديه قال لا مجال سعوديه بعد مليانه مسلمين
اقترح عليه يروحون امريكا لاكن قاله ان حتى امريكا انشروا فيها وين ما التفت القى مسلم
ولما المسلم بدا يعصب تعمدا يقهرونه زياده
قال الول: ودي اروح باكستان بس بعد هناك في مسلمين
المسلم وصل حده وقال

ليش انتو اثنينكم ماتروحون للجحيم سمعت ان مافي ولا مسلم هناك )



14-08-2007, 05:59
حلوه منك يا dr_fm
تسلم القصه حلوه
وفعلا ليه مايروحوا للجحيم ويريحونـــــا

14-08-2007, 14:57
وبعدين هم راحوا " الجحيم " ولا ما راحوش ؟

باريس هيلتون
14-08-2007, 17:57

the story is greate

thanks alot

15-08-2007, 13:50
السلام عليكم

موضوع قديم جداً .. تم إغلاقه ! :مندهش: