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Jiraiya-sama is known as the Ero-Sennin by Naruto. Jiraiya is the creator of Love Love Paradise (also known as Come Come paradise), the book that Kakashi is always reading.

The technique Jiraiya uses the most is his Summoning no Jutsu. This technique can summon a Toad of any size. One of the toads that he summons is called Gamma Bunti the Toad master.

Jiraiya is known to everyone as one of the legendary ninjas of the leaf country. Jiraiya-sama is also the one who taught the Fourth Hokage most of his techniques. One of the techniques that he learns from the Fourth Hokage is the Rasengan, which he teaches to Naruto.

The symbol on his forehead protector means oil.

Editor's Note: Sennin means "hermit", while "Sannin" is a ninja rank.

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Jiraiya is best known as Ero-Sennin by Naruto. He is the author of Come Come Paradise. To most people, however, he is known as one of the Three Legendary Sannins. Sannins, a rank only comparable to a Hokage, is a rank given to legends who did something extraordinary. The other two sannins are Orochimaru and Tsunade. Jiraiya is also the replacement tutor of Naruto. He replaced Ebisu as a teacher after defeating him with his frog summon. Ebisu was teaching Naruto how to control chakra in his feet above the hot springs until he found Jiraiya looking through the girl's hot springs. Jiraiya is known for his love for women. Naruto often tried to lure Jiraiya into teaching him seriously without looking at naked women by transforming into one. Jiraiya is known to many because of his famous peeking technique. He boasts that he never was caught. Jiraiya was also the teacher of the Fourth Hokage. The sennin would often tell Naruto how he was similar to the Fourth in order to make him train harder.

It is possible to compare Jiraiya with Naruto for he is almost like the mirror image of him. During the survival test, both Jiraiya and Naruto were placed onto the log. The point of the test is to steal the bells from the teachers before it becomes 12 o' clock. There are two bells and three competitors, therefore, one is bound to get stuck to the log. Both teachers of the two characters also said "You shouldn't fall for such obvious traps" to them.

Jiraiya is a very serious when it comes to fighting. His fighting style is extremely unique. Famously known as the frog hermit, Jiraiya has the ability to summon a frog into battle. Depending on the size, the frog's attacks are extremely affective. The largest and strongest of the frogs is Gamabunta, who's size is comparable to Gaara's Shukaku, Orochimaru's snake, and Tsunade's slug. Jiraiya also knows the Rasengan, which is a devastating move that is stronger than the Chidori. It is basically forming a small typhoon on the palm of the hand and pushing it full force. It is an extremely hard jutsu only used by one Hokage. It was learned within 3 years. Both the frog summoning and Rasengan were taught by Jiraiya to Naruto. Jiraiya also has the ability to use his hair as a whip-like weapon. Lastly, he knows how to create a giant lake of oil, similar to the one used to Orochimaru's snake.

Note: For the term "Sannin", the actual wording used in the manga and anime is "densetsu no san-nin", which translates as "three ninja of legend", whereas the term Sennin basically means hermit or wise man, which is what Jiraiya will use to refer to himself

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