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عرض كامل الموضوع : العب playstation,atari,gameboy,gameboy advance,dreamcast و أجهزة أكثر على الكمبيوتر!

24-07-2006, 12:47
::جيد:: play console games on ur pc::جيد::

first stuff u need to know:
emulators: programs that emulate programs that wud only run on certain machines, for example, a ps1 emulator would allow u to play silent hill on your pc

rom: an image of a game, it can be an image of "super mario brothers" cartridge or "metal gear solid" cd, these roms need to be loaded on emulators to allow u to play with them.

bios: an image of a certain machien's system, needed by the emulator, sometimes its inside the emulator, but that wud make it illegal...

ok the emulators!

playstation emulator


playstation bios


playstation roms
1-you can use any ps1 cd and play it directly of the cd
2- u may find playstation roms from torrent sites like
3-also ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


dreamcast emulator and bios
download from rapidshare
dreamcast roms
1-you can use any dreamcast cd and play it directly from the cd
2- u may find playstation roms from torrent sites like -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

atari emulator and bios


atari roms
the best atari roms are available-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gamboy Bw/color/advance/sp

emulator and bios

u may find gameboy roms from torrent sites like or
thanx to "محب تيدوس" :D

super nintendo

emulator and bios


1-u may find snes roms from torrent sites like 2-and give me time and ill put more ::جيد::

edit:added more rom sites!:لقافة:

24-07-2006, 12:58
عااااشـوا .. خوش موضوع و الله
خطير :d

لي رجعة :تدخين: