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عرض كامل الموضوع : الرسالة الربعة

17-03-2006, 08:47
the best of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever.
All praise is due to Allah alone. May Allah's peace and blessings be unto His slave-servant Mohammed and unto all his brethren prophets and messengers of Allah, and unto all their followers to the Day of Judgment, amen.
I call upon all people,
to read the noble biography of the honorable Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Almighty.
the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.


The following is a list of fair and impartial contemporary scholars' testimonies about Mohammed:

1-Ghotte; the German writer also says, 'We, the European people, with all our thoughts and concepts, did not reach yet what Mohammed had achieved. There will be no one to beat Mohammed and his principles that he called for. I have searched the history for the best example, and found it to be in the personality of Mohammed.
Truth must prevail as Mohammed was able to subject the entire world by the pure words of monotheism.'
There are thousands of sites on the net that easily testify to that and support this fact.

The following sites are some examples:1) www.islamweb.net/ver2/archive/index2.php?vPart=57&startno=1&thelang=E
2) www.islamonline.net/English/In_Depth/mohamed/1424/biography/article01.shtml
I would like to remind the Danish people, as well as all the rest of the nations, with the standpoints of their previous Christian generations and how did they deal with Allah's Messenger SAAW.
The previous Christian generations were civilized when they dealt with Islam and Muslims.
They were wise and straightforward. As such, they benefited, we believe, in both worlds.
Allah's Messenger SAAW sent messages to Chesrous; the king of Persia, to Cesar; the king of the Romans, and both did not embrace Islam. Cesar, however, honored and respected the letter that he received from Allah's Messenger SAAW, while Chesrous did not. History relates that Cesar's kingdom continued for quite sometime, while Chesrous's, who tore the letter of Allah's Messenger SAAW, and ridiculed him, was caused to be killed shortly, by Allah, the Almighty and his kingdom was torn into pieces. In fact, no kingship remained for the Chesrouses.
Historians reported on the reverence of the Christian monarchs of the letter of Allah's Messenger SAAW to them

As for the Christian Danish people and other Christians as well, we would like to remind them with the Negus, the king of Abyssinia. When the companion of the Prophet, namely Ja'afar bin Abi Taleb, recited few verses of the Glorious Quran from the chapter entitled Maryam, the Negus wept with tears until his beard was wet. His religious staff also were in tears until their scriptures became wet upon hearing what Jaafar recited unto them from the Glorious Quran. Negus said, 'By Allah! This Scripture and the Scripture which Moses brought forth stem from the same source.' This Hadith is reported in Mosnad Imam Ahmad
I ask Allah, the Almighty to bless and accept this humble effort defending Allah's Messenger SAAW.


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