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عرض كامل الموضوع : الرسالة الثانية

16-03-2006, 04:58
the best of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever.
All praise is due to Allah alone. May Allah's peace and blessings be unto His slave-servant Mohammed and unto all his brethren prophets and messengers of Allah, and unto all their followers to the Day of Judgment, amen.
I call upon all people,
to read the noble biography of the honorable Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Almighty.
the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever.
He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.

The following is a list of fair and impartial contemporary scholars' testimonies about Mohammed:

1. The Canadian orientlist Dr. Zuwaimer, in his book entitled, 'The East and its customs', says, 'Undoubtedly, Mohammed was on of the greatest Muslim religious leaders. We can rightly say that he was a super efficient reformer, eloquent, brave, courageous, great thinker whom we should not attribute to him any description that contradicts the above qualities. The Glorious Quran, which he brought forth for humanity, is a great testimony for this claim

2. The German orientlist Britly Saint Heller, in his book entitled, 'The Orientlists and their creeds', says, ' Mohammed was the head-of-the-state, who looked out for the life of his people and their freedom.
He punished those who committed crimes and felonies during his lifetime. He called for the worship of One God; monotheism.
He was extremely kind in his call to his religion, even with his enemies.
He possessed two characteristics in his personality amongst the highest qualities: justice and mercy

There are thousands of sites on the net that easily testify to that and support this fact.
The following sites are some examples:

1) www.islamweb.net/ver2/archive/index2.php?vPart=57&startno=1&thelang=E
2) www.islamonline.net/English/In_Depth/mohamed/1424/biography/article01.shtml

I ask Allah, the Almighty to bless and accept this humble effort defending Allah's Messenger SAAW.
I pray that it would beneficial to all parties concerned.
I pray Allah, the Almighty that He would accept and reward and enable me to be in the close company of Allah's Messenger SAAW on the Day of Judgment

May Allah's peace and blessings be unto his slave-servant Mohammed so long as the day and the night rotate and so long as people all over the world mention him.
We trust our Lord, Allah, the Almighty with all of our affairs